Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christmas with the Grubers - Part I

Oh, Christmas finally came! Much too quickly, I must say. And it passed even quicker! One nice thing about being so behind on my blog is being able to “relive” the moments as I type them up.

We arrived at the Grubers a couple of days before Christmas Day. The Spencer family and Karl had already arrived, the Tuttles were arriving late that night, and the Grubers were arriving the next day.

This year, we were so lucky to have snow! Last year was not a white Christmas...but this year we were blessed with an abundance of snow. It made it so beautiful and so exciting! Needless to say, we spent a lot of time playing outside, building snowmen, building snow slides and jumps, and some of us even enjoyed a ski day at Snowbird. 
Spencers playing in the snow before the others arrive:

We arrived in time for dinner

Setting up our TV in the family room for everyone to enjoy

One of my absolute favorite pictures of Charlie! 
Getting him ready for bed...thanks to Alli for the baby PJs...we forgot Charlie's bag at home and didn't want to pick it up that night.

Helping Spencers stuff their Christmas cards

The Tuttles arrive after their long drive

Cute cousins Sunday morning:

Capri and Charlie

Sunday dinner - testing out the panoramic pics:

Cookie Decorating:
 Jason and I took it pretty seriously...his candy can and my snowman

Aunt Amy surprised the cousins with matching PJs:

The boys love to wrestle

Settling down after some fun rough-housing...way to go Aunt Amy!

Night-night, Charlie

Now for Christmas Eve!

Watching Daddy play Trials HD 
(Motorcycle game that consumed a large amount of the day time..
the boys were obsessed! Deja vu from 2010?)

Peeling potatoes for the big dinner - Charlie was a happy little observer

 Setting out luminaries

Bath time for Charlie:

 Coat room craziness!

All of the kids' stockings - Charlie's is the red and white stripped one in the middle

Christmas Day!

Merry 1st Christmas, Charlie!

 What did Santa bring you?

The adult stockings

The joy of Christmas morning:


Trying out new presents


Too precious!

Playing Ticket to Ride - a frequent and favorite game of the holiday


Our sweet Nativity - Charlie was the star of the show!

More to come....

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  1. Your onesie Jammie's are too funny!! You crack me up- Charlie is such an adorable Santa! :)