Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January Randoms

Wow, it is March already! And Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait! It was nice to have some warm weather today...just getting my hopes up that it will stay that way...but I know better. But I did take advantage and take Charlie for a walk...it was so nice. I've been anxious to be able to do that with him.

But lets take a step back and give credit to a few things that happened in January. We had a fun date night with our friends Mike and Kaitlyn. We couldn't be more happy that they are back in Provo for Law School. Mike will eventually transfer to another school as a better offer arises, but for now we are thrilled they are here. A little different now that we have the little one with us, but still fun. We started our date at Happy Sumo (yum), and then came back to our place to put Charlie to bed. Once he was asleep we had a blast playing Mario Kart, eating kettle corn, baking cookies, and watching Down Periscope. What a ridiculous/hilarious movie that is! How had I not heard of it before?!?

Another fun date night was meeting up with Desi and Tony at the good old Texas Roadhouse! Love that place...wish Charlie loved it more. The dang birthday singing always gets him crying. We always have a good time with Desi and Tony. I am so excited for them because Desi is pregnant! They are going to be having a baby boy, named William, and he is due in April. Can't wait to meet him! After dinner we had frozen custard from Culvers.

I also had a Girls Date with Amy. I showed her the Provo Beach Resort (which was deserted that afternoon), we had lunch at Malawi's, and saw Life of Pi (which I was pleasantly surprised to find that I REALLY enjoyed!).

No really, it is a real wave...seriously!

Jason started a basketball league with his friends: Rich, Nate, Parker, Trevor, and a few other friends from high school. They play each Wednesday night. Basketball isn't exactly in Jason's "element", he would much rather be playing soccer, but he didn't want to miss this opportunity to play with his friends. I have had a blast going to the games, watching them play, and chatting with the wives. They haven't exactly won every single game, but they are having a good time....or at least the wives are having a good time...the men I'm sure get pretty frustrated and angry at times...you know how these things go. I believe the games will continue through April or May. The tournament is coming up soon, and so the more games they win, the more games they will get to play. Crossing our fingers!

Watching Daddy play

Can't forget about Camry's birthday...she turned 22!

Speaking of birthdays...Jason also had a birthday, but that gets a post all to itself!

And to finish off the post...a few shots of the "good eats" that we had in January:

Pomegranate Salsa

Baked Potato Soup

BBQ Chicken Pizza

The trout Jason caught

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