Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jason Turns 27!

Doesn't 27 seem like such a high number? It does to me...it is creeping up on 30...and that just seems way to old to possibly describe me or Jason. But it is reality. We must face the facts. And Jason had a birthday on January 14th...and he turned 27 years old.

His birthday celebration was toned down a bit this year (the last several years his birthday has fallen on a weekend, so that meant a whole weekend of birthday festivities). This year it fell on a Monday. Of course there are always the family Sunday dinner celebrations, and that always extends it a little bit, but for the most part his birthday was consolidated into one day...which I guess is how it should be, right?

Sadly, we didn't go skiing this year. Jason had to work. But his birthday consisted of birthday decorations, a special breakfast, browsing for furniture at Osmond since he finished work early, and a surprise dinner and shopping at City Creek. One of his presents included shopping at City Creek for three new shirts of his choice. So we shopped around while waiting for our dinner reservations at Texas de Brazil. I have to thank Groupon for their great 2-for-1 deal at Texas de Brazil, otherwise that restaurant would be just too expensive for our budget. Even with the 2-for-1 deal, it was more expensive than we like to spend. But this was a special occasion...and we both agree that the dinner was absolutely worth it! We love the restaurants like Tucanos and Rodizio, we even went to Tucanos for Jason's birthday last year, but Texas de Brazil definitely takes it up a notch! The buffet is fabulous and the meats are to die for! They have a larger variety of meats and the quality is definitely superior. Some favorites included their garlic sirloin, tri-tip, beef short rib, and their special baked bananas...so yummy. I NEED to find a recipe!

Texas de Brazil:

We never think to take the picture when we are beginning to eat...always after, once it all looks a crazy mess!

 Sunday Birthday Dinner with Arbons

Birthday dinner with Grubers:

I guess I do need to eat my words a little bit....the Friday before Jason's birthday, George and Nancy treated us to dinner and a movie as Jason's birthday present. They tended Charlie for us and loaned us their Megaplex soda cups. We hadn't been to a movie for awhile (which is one of our favorite things to do) and so we were thrilled for the opportunity. We saw The Hobbit, which we thoroughly enjoyed regardless of the mixed reviews, and ate at JCW's afterwards. Love that place. Thank you George and Nancy for your thoughtful gift!

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