Friday, April 11, 2014

Charlie’s Twentieth Month

19 Months to 20 Months

Charlie loves climbing on anything and everything! Right now, he loves climbing on the kitchen chairs and then up onto the table. My nightmare! Ah, I hate it...but he always gets this mischievous smile on his face when he does it that is so cute! He is also able to climb from a chair into his portable high chair.

He is still loving his cars, especially his smaller hot wheel cars. He will literally spend an hour lining them up. He will line them up on the couch, on the track, on the stairs...anywhere. He also likes to bend over and put his face down really close to the cars so he can watch the wheels turn.

Lining up the cars at Grandma and Grandpa Arbon's

He LOVES to color! Overall, I think he might just be an obsessive organizer. He will spend thirty minutes lining up his crayons and putting them back in the container. That is what he does for the majority of his “coloring time.”

At the beginning of the month, he no longer showed any interest in eating from those food pouches...but by the end of the month, when he saw some other kids using them at our playgroup, he was right back at them. Something new that he loves is veggie chips! He discovered them in nursery and just gobbles them up. I bought some veggie straws, thinking he would love those...nope! Just the veggie chips! He is very particular!

He got another cold and stuffy nose this month! Man, they just seem to keep coming! I think this time could be due to teething.

Lately, he has been walking around with his finger pointing down to the ground. He will walk back and forth from one room to the next with his arm outstretched and his pointer finger pointing down. He seems to get a kick out and of, and I sure do! I wish he would use that pointer finger to actually point at things, but small baby steps!

Speaking of working on progress, Kids on the Move came to evaluate him. They had to test him to see if he qualified for their services in any of the developmental areas. As expected, he showed moderate to high delay in speech development. The other areas were fine, and even above average in one of the areas (I think it was fine motor skills), but they did confirm that he does have a delay when it comes to speech and expression. So we will begin visits twice a week from a specialist, and I will be attending classes that will help teach me how to play with Charlie to improve his development.

We had a couple of playdates with Logan while Alisha was off-track. They came over and seemed to have a good time. Logan was a lot more friendly and affectionate than Charlie would have liked. Logan would reach out to touch him or hug him, and Charlie didn’t like that at all. He would run away and push his arms away. I’m sure it was frustrating for both parties. Logan would also shout out with some loud noises, and Charlie didn’t like that either. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will say it forever more...Charlie is such a sensitive little guy! Man, where did he get it?!? It is all part of his sweet personality. What they both loved, however, was turning on some music for a dance party, and chasing each other from room to room.

We have started (trying) to teach him how to fold his arms during prayers. For our nightly family prayer, he seems happy and proud when we sit him on our knees and fold his arms. He will sit like that with a smile on his face...until...the second we start saying the prayer. Once we start praying, he bolts right up and runs around. If we try to force him to stay on our laps, it becomes a squirming, wrestling match. Someday I’m sure he will kneel quietly with his arms folded and eyes closed...but it will probably be a long time before that happens.

Again, not many pictures this month:

Charlie was so zoned out watching TV that he didn't even notice Daddy putting Cheerios on his fingers!

Balloons are so fun!

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