Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year, we woke up and made breakfast together. We made heart-shaped pancakes, thanks to our new/hand-me-down mold from my Grandma Rich.

For dinner, Jason wanted to make me dinner...since I made it for him last year. I still wanted to help, so I made the mashed potatoes, jello, and sauteed zucchini. Jason made all of the important stuff….liking grilling the steaks to perfection, and making homemade raspberry ice cream. Everything turned out great….the prize goes to the ice cream though. We were both dying while we were eating it. So tasty!

Oh I guess I should mention we also had some left over homemade rolls, Jason made himself a sweet potato, and we had a Sparkling Cider/Fruit Punch Mix. 

Here is a look at what our Valentine’s Day/Season looked like:

Charlie got his first Valentine from a friend! So cute and so perfect!

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