Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Charlie’s Twenty-Second Month

21 Months to 22 Months
(March 19-April 18)

As I previously mentioned, on St. Patrick’s Day we took Charlie to McDonald’s to play in the play area. We think he picked something up, because within a few days he was really sick. He woke up one morning, and we could hear him coughing in the crib...but not a typical cough. It was a nasty sounding cough...it had that seal bark sound to it. I wondered if it was croup. He sounded terrible, but he acted happy, which I thought was strange. Within a couple of days, he still had a cough, but it didn’t have that croup sound. What was crazy though is he woke up that day with crazy runny eyes and a runny nose. He also had a fever, but it never reached 102. Luckily, that day he took a nap for five hours! And even at that point we woke him up to make sure he was okay. During this sickness, he refused to eat most things. He was a very sad boy, and very needy. The next day, he wouldn’t nap at all and was very miserable, but his eyes weren’t runny anymore...which I was relieved about. His cold lingered for a few more days, and he continued to act like a demon. Of course, he refused to eat hardly anything...even the typical staples like beans, yogurt, and bread. I was getting worried, but I waited it out and he eventually felt better and better, and finally started eating like normal again.

Charlie finally learned how to clap! We were in Idaho for Ashley’s wedding, and Charlie started clapping for Daddy (of course). Charlie was dancing around, showing off to the cousins, and Jason started clapping while saying “1,2,3…” and he actually mimicked him! It is so rare for Charlie to imitate gestures like that, so this is so exciting! He won’t really clap much on his own, it is more for attention and when others are doing it. But we will take it….we have been waiting for this moment for a long time! He also started giving high fives! Again, all about the attention-filled moment. He won’t do it if it is just me and him and I prompt him for one.

He can say “go, go, go” with excitement! He will say this most often when playing in the parked car while sitting at the steering wheel. It is often accompanied by a bouncing motion. Really cute! When he is eating something and he thinks it is really tasty he will say “mmm” after every bite. I love it!

During Alex’s birthday party in Riverton (where we were treated with a BBQ ribs dinner) Charlie climbed all the way up to the top of their really tall slide. We were eating cake and all of a sudden I look over and Charlie was already halfway up the slide. I went over there and continued to watch. He made it to the top all by himself! I was so impressed that he not only was physically able, but that he had the courage to go up that high. Once he was up there, he was thrilled, running around and getting near the edge of the ledge (of course, giving me and Nancy a heart attack), but we watched him closely and were ready to catch him if need be. It is hilarious to me that he will climb to the top of the slide, yet he is still afraid to slide down it. He basically has to be forced down, and will only sit forward (rather than turning around on his belly) if he is sitting with someone.

Here is another quirky, totally Charlie, thing...when he is eating cereal, like Life or Chex, he refuses to eat any of the pieces that are broken. He will sort them out of the bowl and put them to the side. He will only eat the perfectly whole pieces. Talk about OCD!!

So we finally started weaning him from his bottle. Yeah, it probably took us longer than what is normal, but it was just a part of the routine...a routine that worked! So I needed the “routine” of that bottle, just as much as he did. He would get three bottles a day, one right when he woke up, one as he was going down for a nap, and one right before his bath and bed. I should mention this is a bottle of milk. He won’t drink anything else in a bottle except for milk...and he still required that it be warm. So we decided we would make the break, cold turkey. It was a hard week, as he adjusted to this change. The hardest time was probably in the morning. When I would walk in to get him from his crib, he would instantly look at my hands and see that I either had nothing in my hands or had milk or water in a sippy cup...no bottle... and he would get so mad! He would point at my hands and just have a melt down in his crib. It was kind of funny, but it would take awhile to get him to settle down. After trying to give him milk in a sippy cup, straw cup, and in a regular cup throughout the day..and he kept refusing, I realized he may not have loved milk as much as I thought he had. I think he just loved the bottle! Well, we will definitely be saving some money on milk now!

A few more pictures:

He still loves to color...and his strokes/lines are getting really good

This video is funny because one time he dipped his crayon in a cup of juice, so it left a taste on the crayon. The next day, he was tasting all of the crayons...even though none of them had been dipped in juice. 

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