Sunday, May 25, 2014

Finishing Up April

I am getting decently close to present day! Hope I can catch up and keep up this time!

Easter was kind of an extended holiday for us this year. We started the Sunday before with the Grubers with a pre-Easter dinner celebration. That evening, after heading to Midway to meet up with my family for our little get away, my mom shared some things from Christ’s last week before his crucifixion. The next Sunday (Easter Sunday) we were excited for Charlie to wake up to his Easter basket. He got some sidewalk chalk and some bubbles. With great weather showing its face every once in a while, Charlie really needed some things to keep him occupied outside, but away from the street. The Easter Bunny knew just what to bring. Later, we had dinner with my family, went for a beautiful bike ride, and had another Easter program where we all shared a little bit of what Easter means to us. Jason and I shared this video.

After some drawing, Charlie was even more interested in lining up the chalk and putting them back in the box. 

The only glimpse of any of our Easter outfits

Easter dinner with the Arbons

Charlie was a little concerned about this bike ride after his experience at Midway...he eventually gave in and started enjoying the ride (while death-gripping the side of the seat).

We went on a couple more “dates.” I say “dates” because we brought Charlie with us. We met up with the Wingers one night for Thai food at Spicy Thai. We finished the night off getting sugar cookies and a smoothie at Slurp. Another night, we met up with Pacadas for dinner at Cubbys (a new favorite) and dessert at Waffle Love. The waffles there, although overpriced, are quite delicious!

We had a fun BBQ get together with Jason’s high school friends. Everyone brought their kids (and their own meat) and we had a great time eating good food and visiting at Nate and Sarah’s.

Camry graduated from BYU! She graduated in American Studies. What an exciting time in her life, and what an accomplishment!! We were all so proud. Too bad college graduations have to be so long and boring, and require two days of ceremonies. Charlie and I were able to make it for both, Thursday and Friday (along with my parents, of course). Jason and Tyson were able to join Friday morning to see her walk and to enjoy lunch at Carrabas. Dealing with Charlie at the Marriott Center was a little crazy and dreadful (especially on Thursday), but we made it through, and I was really glad we were able to be there to support Camry. Congrats Camry!

Thursday Commencement:

Here we the nose-bleeds. Things were quite challenging with Charlie...but we made it almost to the end...thanks to the iPad and Monsters University! 

The graduate!

Friday Convocation:

Thanks to the last name "Arbon", Camry was the first in her college to get her diploma!...which would have been great if you were allowed to leave after receiving it...

As you can tell...Charlie was quite a pill through all of this

Lunch at Carrabas

We got a special visit from the Tuttles! Robby’s brother also graduated from BYU, so they came to town to celebrate with him. It was fun to be able to see them (when they weren’t with his family) and hang out with them. Robby left that Sunday, but Amy and the kids got to stay an extra week. We got lots of family time, and cousin play time. It was great! We always love it when they come to visit. (More on their stay to come in the May post)

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