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June - Part I

For Sister Arbon’s birthday, one of the sisters in her ward wanted to make it extra special for her. She was having them over for dinner that night, so in advance, she had our family call and leave a message for her on her answering machine. Bryan orchestrated a large three or four way call, and so Kimberly had a nice “Happy Birthday” song waiting for her that night. After hearing back from Kim, she told us she was overwhelmed with feelings of love and the nice things that were done for her on her birthday. I hope I can go above and beyond like that sister did for someone else on their special day.

In June, we continued to take advantage of the hot weather, especially doing things that would cool us down with water. We continued to have weekly play dates, going to the park, going to the nearby splash pads (our favorite being the one in Highland), playing in our friends’ mini-pools, and we even went a few times to Seven Peaks before our passes expired. It seemed like every morning was filled with fun possibilities.

Highland Splash Pad:
(impossible to get a still, smiling shot)

Jason took a fishing trip to the Boulders again this year. He went with Trevor Cook and one of T’s friends. Sadly, Parker could not attend this year due to a business trip. Perhaps Jason will write more about his trip later. But, while Jason was gone, Charlie and I had a grand old time. Not only did he leave us fun surprise bags for each day and not only did we spend our time doing fun outdoor activities, but my friend Amy came and kept me company. She came Thursday evening and we went to dinner at Koi, ate treats, rented a movie, and painted our toenails. She even stayed the night with me! That was very thoughtful of her. We were able to spend the morning together at the Highland Splash Pad before she had to head to work. It was such a fun time and helped the time go quickly while Jason was away. I also spent some time in Draper with my family, and Sunday night we celebrated my mom's birthday.

Sushi at Koi:
(yes, I realize I am pregnant)

Car time at Arbons

Mom's Birthday

Among the many birthdays celebrated in June, we had a very unique birthday celebration for Elsa. She woke up with some kind of virus that was hurting her neck quite terribly. After a scare and a visit to the ER, Elsa was still set on having her birthday party that night. Max and April were troopers, and granted the birthday girl’s wishes. Even after a crazy day, they still had all of us over, and we had a delicious dinner of quesadillas (Elsa’s request). I would have to say they were the best quesadillas I have ever had! The Grubers sure know how to make a comprehensive quesadilla spread!

Elsa doing everything laying down due to the pain in her neck

We had our first ultrasound appointment! We were so excited to finally take a look inside at this growing baby and find out the gender. To my shock, we found out it is a boy! I really had a feeling we were having a girl, especially with the pregnancy being so different. Besides a few weeks of feeling on and off nausea and extreme fatigue (only throwing up twice, I think), I have felt awesome! I haven’t even really felt like I am pregnant. I hardly think about it, that is how well I have felt! So I was very surprised to learn it is a boy! But we couldn’t be more excited! We think a little brother is exactly what Charlie needs. It just feels right! We are definitely going to be saving a lot of money, too, since I won’t be splurging on all the cute girl clothes and accessories. I think Heavenly Father really knows us and knows what we need.

During the ultrasound, everything looked good. The only area of concern was they did find some fluid in his kidneys, so that will just be something we look for in upcoming appointments. Other than that, everything seemed to be growing right on track. We can’t wait to meet him!

I had another big day of crafting with different friends in the ward. My focus for both was 4th of July decor. I had a great time at Kylie’s painting mason jars to look like an American flag, and I had a great time at Katie’s putting together framed glitter letters of “USA”. Pinterest can be such a wonderful thing!

We had a couple of dinner dates with friends (babies included). The Wingers invited us over to be spoiled by their new smoker. They made us Tri-Tip Steak. It was fabulous! After dinner, we went for a walk with the little ones, ending up at a school and climbing a massive hill. Another dinner night was with the Provosts. They invited us over for dinner and a movie. It was a “bring your own meat” kind of grilling night, and it sure was tasty. The movie was “Monuments Men”. I had been excited to see this movie, but I think I anticipated a different kind of film. I expected the humor of an “Ocean’s Eleven” type it wasn’t as funny as I was hoping for. And for that reason, for me, it was kind of boring. But I realize the significance of it, being based on a true story. That part is pretty cool. Regardless, Charlie wasn’t as excited to sleep in the pack-n-play that never know how it is going to go, but we hope for the best. We ended up having to get him out and let him watch the rest of the movie with us. (That also could have added to my feelings of the movie.)

June means Strawberry Days! After last year, we were excited to participate again. We attended the Tuesday night Concert in the Park...but due to a large rainstorm, it was relocated to the Rec Center Gym. We still had a great time devouring our free strawberries and cream. I even returned to the Rec Center later that night for a free Zumba class. That was really fun, complete with glow in the dark sticks/bracelets. This year we even attended the rodeo! Our “game night ward friends" had a great idea of attending the rodeo rather than doing a game night for June. We all agreed and got babysitters. My parents were kind enough to come and tend Charlie (even though our swamp cooler decided to break and they were sweating in the heat). The rodeo proved to be a real entertainer! We had a great time people watching, chatting it up, and staring in amazement at the crazy things that cowboys do!

Jason, Me, Mike, Katie, Candice, and Shawn
The guys got a lot more into the dressing up thing than the girls

Back at home, Grandma taking Charlie on a walk 
(or more like Charlie taking Grandma on a walk)

And who can forget about Father’s Day! I made a nice pancake breakfast that morning, complete with the eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. After our 1:00pm church, we stopped off a gift to George and then headed to Draper. Dinner was very good, as always! Since Charlie’s birthday was coming up that week, my parents surprised us with an early gift for Charlie. He got a swing and a bucket and shovel. He wasn’t too sure about the swing, crying non-stop as we tried to get him to swing in it, but he loved his digging time in the sandbox. Eventually, Charlie will come to love the swing...but if not, I am sure our next baby will.

Chatting it up with the garden squirrels

And here is a glance at our garden at the beginning of June:

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