Saturday, August 9, 2014

May - Part II

It has been fabulous weather. We have been so anxious to spend time outside, and we can feel the warmth of the fast-approaching summer. At the end of May, we spent as much time outside as we could. Charlie and I met up with friends from the ward, usually weekly, and headed for one of the nearby parks. I have really loved the friends I have made here. It was especially nice to have busy days while Jason was away in Roosevelt. Jason and John had a big job up there, so they ended up staying in a hotel there for two nights while they completed it. That left Charlie and I home alone, but it wasn’t bad at all with the delightful weather. It is also nice now that Charlie is a little older... we kind of have an understanding of each other and a typical routine. The day goes pretty smoothly, for the most part. I am so thankful that he is such a good nighttime sleeper.

We had another game night with two couples in our ward. Our goal has been to get together each month, alternating the host house. It has been really fun. This time we headed to the Gibbs. We enjoyed Telestrations, as well as their own version of the game. We always enjoy good company, good games, and good food.

We also visited our friends, the Wingers. They had their new baby, Boston, on May 3rd (sharing my birthday). We actually were with them having dinner at Texas Roadhouse the night before he was born. So a couple weeks later, we took them dinner and finally got to the meet the guy. He is such a cutie and so all newborns are.   

Naked baby time (Georgia & Charlie):


Future techies
Sorry, no pictures of!

For Memorial Day, it was just the three of us. We thought we would have a nice BBQ up the canyon...but apparently that is what every other person in Utah County thought, as well! The canyon was packed! It was a madhouse! We couldn’t believe it. As we drove from one park to the next, we just kept looking at each other in complete disbelief. We would just laugh in the face of our shock! We had to keep driving up, up, and up to still find a park that was full of people, but at least had one grill and one parking spot open. Big Springs Park was where we ended up, and it turned out to be perfect! We had driven by it one day last year, deciding that we would try it out in the it was fun to finally make it there for a BBQ. We had a nice, shaded table and grill. There was a paved path that Charlie loved to walk and explore. There was a tiny stream, that was enough to interest him, but small enough that I wasn’t scared Charlie would fall in and drown. There was also a huge field that we could run and kick a soccer ball in. We grilled up some tasty steaks and corn on the cob, and enjoyed our dinner. Even with the crowd, we had such a great time. The surroundings were gorgeous, especially the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. As we observed the other large family gatherings there, we only wished we had our families with us to share the beauty. We definitely hope to return with a large family group another time.

A field practically to ourselves after the big crowds have gone...

I just love the refreshing beauty of the mountains. My appreciation for them has only increased since having Charlie...maybe it is seeing the pure joy that the mountain air brings him. I love it!

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