Monday, December 8, 2014

August - Part I

We were lucky enough to get a free evening at the new Draper Aquarium, thanks to Kids on the Move. (Apparently Kids on the Move services lots and LOTS of families...when we first drove up, the line was backed up clear through the parking lot and to the road. It was crazy! We spent time at the nearby RC Willey to wait for the line to die down.) When we did finally make it in (also avoiding a huge freak rain storm...would have hated to be standing outside in line in that weather) we had such a great time. We especially loved watching Charlie explore everything. We kept him in the stroller for as long as we could, but that only works for so long...once he was out, it was a little tricky keeping track of him with all of the people. But he was having a blast...and we were getting a workout chasing him around.

At my doctor appointment in August, when they measured my belly, they found that I was measuring two weeks behind. This surprised me since the last ultrasound had him measuring right on track. They decided I would have another ultrasound at my next appointment.

Charlie and I had a fun lunch date with my high school friend and dancing buddy, Desi, and her son Will. We met up at Cubbys (love that place) and had a great time catching up and reminiscing on old times.

Jason and I decided to join the ward in Ward Temple Night. I don’t think we have ever done that. We were excited to go, but the real news about the night was we got our first legitimate paid babysitter... that was not family! That’s right, at two years old we were paying our first babysitter. We have been so lucky to have family usually tend Charlie. I was super nervous….she was only 12 years old. She was one of the young women from the ward. But everything went fine...we should really do that more often and give our family a break!

Speaking of ward activities, we had our Ward Summer BBQ (replacing the traditional Ward Luau since Bishop Uda was released). Jason was responsible to help a lot with that. It was stressful for him, but it turned out to be really fun. We had a BBQ and pool party at the Veteran Memorial Pool in Pleasant Grove.

We made our first batch of salsa for the season! For whatever reason, we didn’t get nearly as many tomatoes this year! We were disappointed, but we were still able to make a decent amount of salsa. We weren’t able to make enough to share as much as we would have liked, but we had sufficient for our enjoyment needs :)

Another good use for our tomatoes...

We had our annual Arbon Camp Out! We had such a fun time last year with the extended Arbon family that we invited them again this year! We had a blast, as expected. We had lots of good food, games, walks, volleyball, camp fires, and s’mores. You will be surprised to know that we didn’t play a single game of airsoft wars! Too many pregnant cousins and cousins with kids, I guess. Jason and I were able to fit our big air mattress and Charlie’s pack and play in the tent again. That made things really nice. Charlie was into exploring everything and going on lots and lots of walks. Thanks to lots of volunteering family, Jason and I didn’t have to go everywhere with him. He had a ball and got plenty dirty.

Aunt Erin, Aunt LoyAnn, and Grandpa Arbon

We started the process of house searching! We knew it was time. Thanks to my dad working for a mortgage company, he got us started and we got pre-approved for a house loan. And so the daily internet searches began!

And who could forget about Alpine Days! Sadly, Nancy couldn’t make it again this year, but we joined George and sat in our perfect seats right in front of their house covered with shade. It was fabulous! Charlie had a great time with all of the candy. Rather than heading to the hot and crowded festival like we usually do, we just had lunch in the backyard. Very relaxing and peaceful.

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