Thursday, March 12, 2015

Colson's First Month

We are so in love with our new baby boy! He is so precious, but already so different from Charlie. He is his own little person and personality. Colson is proving to be a good baby and we couldn’t be happier.

I am so glad we borrowed this pink seat from Max and April. He loved it, and it was so nice to lay him in there instead of holding him all of the time or laying him on the floor. I'm not sure how we managed without it with Charlie. Eventually, we covered it with a blanket so there was no gender confusion :)

Here are a few things that we noticed about Colson in his first month of life:

Colson has a birthmark type scar on his chin. It is an upside down “V” shape and it almost looks like fingernail indents. It is very unique. He has dark brown hair that is soft and long. It is beautiful! We were shocked to find after a couple of weeks that it is curly when wet! His hair is really fine and so the curls stick up easily and will stay there when dry if not combed down. It is crazy!

Colson was born tongue-tied. We had the doctors cut it his second day when he was still in the hospital.

His umbilical cord stump fell off on November 17th, on day 11.

He was circumcised at his two week appointment (November 20th). Just like for Charlie, Daddy stayed with Colson during the procedure and I stayed out in the foyer. I was shocked to hear that he didn’t even cry! However, later that night I could tell he was in some pain. Circumcisions are no fun! At his two week appointment, these were his measurements:

Weight: 7lbs 8 oz (17%) - He had already gained a pound from his birth weight!
Height: 20.5 inches (49%)
Head Circ: 37 cm (84%)

So from these measurements we learned that we have a short, chubby baby with a very large head. We love it!

As feared, Colson started getting some baby acne around one and half weeks old. It never got quite as bad as Charlie and seemed to be slightly better around four weeks.

Right before our eyes, we started to see him get chunkier. All of a sudden we would look at his thighs and there was definitely some chunk there. Could this be the same baby that used to have tiny, stick legs?

As I mentioned, Colson was a good baby. In the first month of life he slept pretty well. He gave me three to five hour stretches at night. He was pretty easy to calm when held. He was such a grunter! He was very loud when trying to poop. He would spend like thirty minutes just grunting and pushing. I remember over Thanksgiving, we stayed in Camry’s room, and Colson slept in the pack-n-play next to us. He would keep us up, not with his crying, but with his dang grunting! It was hilarious and such a precious memory.

a little lip blister

Lucky for us, we had success at giving him a bottle when it was needed. We were able to go on a couple of date nights (PQI Christmas Party and Mo Tab Christmas Concert) without stress knowing he could drink from a bottle. Besides those few times, however, he was only breastfed.

When Colson was twelve days old, my friend Amy came over to take some amazing newborn pictures. I just LOVE how they turned out! She is so talented and you would be crazy not to hire her! I already posted the family pictures she took, but here is a look at the “Colson Exclusive” edition:

We had the HARDEST time getting Charlie to cooperate...he didn't want to touch or be anywhere near Colson!

three arms holding him down...

love, Love, LOVE!

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