Tuesday, March 24, 2015

December - Part II

Now that we are home owners, we are a part of the Keller Williams Family. Basically that just means we are invited to their parties! They had a Christmas Party that included pictures with Santa and breakfast crepes. Yum! I was excited to have Colson meet Santa, and for the boys to wear their cute matching outfits that Grandma Gruber gave them. I love how the pictures turned out!

Taken with my camera

You can tell by Charlie's body language that he is quite uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Since we were spending Christmas with the Grubers, we had a gathering with the Arbon side for a gift exchange. The exchange was a bit one sided since we wanted my parents and siblings to open their gifts on Christmas, but it was fun for us to open our gifts from my parents. We certainly were spoiled.

Charlie is starting to understand the whole present idea...he loves to help open them

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