Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Colson’s Blessing Day

Sunday, April 12th was the big day of Colson’s baby blessing. He was five months old, a little older than your typical blessing age, but it was perfect for us. We were outside of the scary winter months of keeping your baby home AND Kimberly was back from her mission!

The afternoon before, George and Nancy were so thoughtful and took the boys off of our hands so we could get everything ready! That made such a huge difference, and it is amazing how much you can do without needing to hold babies or entertain toddlers! I felt like Superwoman! Ah! We just powered through everything that needed to be done around the house and in the yard since we were going to be hosting a brunch at our house after the blessing.

Grandma and Grandpa know just what they like!

They even found a new way to use the stroller so both could ride!

All ready for the special day:

Our Sacrament meeting is at 9:00am, so everyone showed up nice and early. Jason gave a beautiful blessing. Colson looked adorable in his white on white outfit and tan shoes. He practically cried the moment the circle formed around him and didn’t really let up throughout the entire blessing. Max said he was pulling out all of the tricks to try and settle him down, but I think being five months old meant he was too aware and alert to be okay with a crowd of men bearing down on him. Tears or no tears, the blessing was the same, and it was beautiful. Jason was a trooper and persevered.  

After Sacrament meeting, the family headed over to our house. Those in attendance were our immediate families, Great Grandma and Grandpa Arbon, Apelus, and Hadleys. Jason and I wanted to choose a brunch spread that was easy and had very little day-of preparation. We decided on refrigerator oatmeal, egg casseroles, Dunford Donuts, juice, and fruit. It was amazing how simple it was, and it was super nice having others help by bringing some items. To top it off, everything tasted really good!

From left to right:
Darnel, Great Grandpa Arbon, Dylan, Great Grandma Arbon, Aryana, Camry, Charlie, Kimberly, Emily, Colson, Jason, Mya, Max, Alex, April, Nancy, Greta, Karl, Elsa, Dave, George, Julian, Alese, Bryan, Maria, Tyson, Khirstin, Sierra, Zion
(not pictured: Erin...thanks for being our photographer!)

Charlie, hyper from all of the attention, and beginning to draw the alphabet free hand!

It was so fun to be able to host an event in our own house! It was a great feeling to be able to fit everybody in...a little snug, you might say, but a great feeling that it was even a possibility! We feel so loved and blessed to be surrounded by so many kind family members.

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