Monday, July 6, 2015

May - Birthday and Mother's Day

I love May! (It is my birthday month.) For some reason, May was extremely rainy and wet this year. It rained almost all month.

The Sunday before my birthday, we had a dinner celebration with the Grubers in Alpine. We had a spaghetti dinner and Jason made me a Boston Cream Pie. I love that stuff!

Since my birthday was on a Sunday, Jason and I were going to celebrate the Saturday before. Jason made me a tasty Belgian Waffle breakfast, but then I started feeling sick. What started slowly, then came on quick and I just did not feel well enough to continue on with our plans. We had to cancel and postpone. The plan was to take the boys to my parents, and then Jason and I were going to drive to Centerfield to test drive a car and then go to dinner. (Yes, we decided the Accord was just sounding worse and worse and we knew it was time to get a new car. We originally thought we wanted to get the Hyndai Santa Fe, but after test driving it a couple of weeks before, we just weren’t impressed. It felt like the same amount of space as our Accord, just taller. We decided we needed to find something else. The next car of interest was the 2011 Ford Explorer.) The plan that night was to then pick up the boys, drive home, put them to bed, and then have a sitter come while Jason and I went to see Insurgent. Instead, I just rested and Jason took care of the boys and did yard work.

By the next morning, (my actual birthday) I was totally feeling better. I was so relieved! However, sadly enough, Jason woke up sick and threw up. I took the boys to church by myself for all three hours (for my first time), and then spent the rest of the day taking care of the boys while Jason rested and tried to feel better. By dinnertime, he felt pretty decent (throwing up can make all of the difference, sometimes) and he came with us to Draper for my birthday dinner with my family. We had roast, potatoes, and strawberry shortcake. Ironically enough, my parents bought a new car the day before. They bought a nice Buick Enclave and we took it for a test drive. It is quite the luxurious car! That night, Jason was back in the bathroom throwing up! Apparently, he ate too much for dinner that his stomach wasn’t ready for. Poor guy. But, by the next day he was fine, maybe a little weak, but able to go to work and continue on with life.

Thanks to my friend, Amy, she told us about this cool international site called Aliexpress. We found a few canvas prints to hang on our walls. They were shipping from China, however, so it took like a month for things to arrive. The first to arrive was a sweet watercolor of the Earth. We were hoping they would already come framed, but that was not the case. Jason took to his manly skills and built the frame for the canvas, wrapped it, and stapled it. It turned out pretty sweet. We were anxious for the others to arrive.

Charlie got another cold! Big surprise!

The Stones had us over for dinner along with some of our other PG friends: Provosts and Dunaways. Kara made a delicious Costa Vida copycat dinner! It was so good and fun to visit with friends!

Speaking of Amy, her birthday is in April, so we had a joint birthday dinner. The two of us went to Benihana’s (with their awesome birthday month deal…$30 off!) It was SO good! We checked out Sephora at City Creek and we went and saw Age of Adeline at Jordan Commons. Such a fun birthday celebration!

Charlie, Colson, and I went to the Tulip Festival again, this time with my friend Alisha, and her son, Logan. Remember me mentioning how much it rained in May? Well, the day before we went, there was a big storm, and you could really tell that the tulips paid the price. It was sad. There was less than half the amount of tulips this time as there was in April. They were still pretty, but nothing compared to a few weeks before. Regardless, the boys had a blast running around, pointing out the flowers, and chasing each other. It was great! We had about five minutes of rain, but other than that, the overcast weather was perfect!

The next weekend, the weekend of Mother’s Day, we decided to try to make up for the weekend before of being sick. Before driving all of the way to Centerfield to check out the 2011 Ford Explorer we were interested in, we decided to at least test drive one that was closer in Draper. The one in Draper was above our price-point because it had a few upgrades (like leather seats) and like half of the miles, but we thought we might as well see if we liked the car and if it would work for us before driving so far. Friday night, on our way to Draper, we stopped in Lehi to test drive a GMC Acadia (our other interest). The Acadia was great, but you could tell it had been well used. In Draper, we test drove the Explorer, and Saturday afternoon we were back buying it! We loved it, and knew it was worth paying a little more for a car that had half the miles, had been really well taken care of, and one that we just loved. It also helped having the scoop from my Dad that Granite Credit Union was having an Anniversary Special of 1.8% on car loans. That was unbelievable! We have been so happy with our purchase and are still loving it! On the way home, in our new car, we stopped at Sean’s Smokehouse for a late dinner. Love that place!

The old 1999 Honda Accord

The new 2011 Ford Explorer

The next day was Mother’s Day (officially) and we had dinner with the Grubers and Jason’s extended family.

The "Mothers" table

The men caring for the kids

Emily, Maria, Sierra, Khirstin, Grandma Gruber, Aunt Jean, Erin, Rue, Greta, Nancy, Elsa, April, Mya

The boys attempting to light off one of Aunt Jean's sky lanterns in the warm weather.

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  1. What an eventful post! Loved all the pictures and great stories. What a shame about all of the sickness around your birthday. First you on Saturday and then your husband on Sunday? That would be so disappointing! But I am glad you two pushed through and had a great day. I hope for no more sickness on your future birthdays.

    Martin @ Fiesta Hyundai