Friday, August 21, 2015

Colson’s Seventh Month

(May 6 - June 5)

We took Colson to his six month appointment and the PA saw him. I showed her that Colson has two spots on his cheeks, one under each outer eye. They are small and pink. One spot seemed to swell whenever pressure was applied to it, but it hasn’t since then. The doctor said it looked like capilary moles under the skin (or something like that). She said they usually go away on their own, but are the worst in the first year. If they don’t go away on their own, you have to do laser treatment to get rid of them. We will see.

This pictures shows them pretty well

Here were his measurements:
Weight: 16 lbs 5 oz - 23%
Length: 25 inches - 2%
Head Circumference: 44.5 cm - 83%

He is sitting up very well. He only tips over when he is leaning too far to reach for something. He is rolling around like crazy and grabbing everything he can find. He has pretty good coordination. I will put his toys in his little basket and then he empties it, pulling everything out. He seems to enjoy that.

He loves being outside. He does great in the stroller and in the Baby K’Tan wrap when walking around.

He got a cold early in the month so I felt like I had to start nursing him to sleep for naps again. I wanted to make him as comfortable as possible and assist him sleeping so he could get better. It was really hard to sleep train him again after that. That, mixed with my changing schedule of going to the gym, has made it hard to be consistent. That certainly doesn’t help. He is still waking up once at night, usually around four or five. I had two nights where he slept through the entire night until about seven, but other than that he was usually waking up once.

I have tried giving him pureed peas and bananas. He seems like he is not really loving eating real food. I tried giving him some squash and he did like that, but the green beans gave him the shivers. He is very inconsistent with his interest in rice cereal. He seems to eat better for Daddy.

Colson totally rejected formula. I started trying to train him on formula because I was out of milk at eight months with Charlie. I was starting to stress because eight months for Colson was around the corner. Through the end of the month, he wouldn’t take formula from me, but he would take it most of the time when Daddy gave it to him. I should say, he would take it, but reluctantly and with resistance. He still did not love it.

We have decided that Colson looks a lot like my mom did as a baby!

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