Sunday, August 9, 2015

While Jason Was Gone

While Jason was away, I was home with the boys. This was my first weekend completely alone with two kids. I have done a night here and there, but to go several days alone slightly stressed me. I tried to think of fun things to do to fill the time (like I did when it was just Charlie and I), but things are a lot more complicated with two in tow.

The day before Jason left, Colson had been gagging on a blade of grass. I tried to scoop it out with my finger, but couldn’t get it. The next day, I found a blade of grass in his orange, poopy diaper. It was hilarious!

That night, Camry came over. We went through the drive thru at Sweeto Burrito for dinner. It was a first for both of us and we both thought it was really good. While I put the boys to bed, Camry started watching The Proposal. Amy Stallings also came over. It was quite the fun girls night! We picked up some ice cream and finished the movie. Kim also stopped by for a minute. Very fun!

On Friday, we went to visit Aunt Erin. We watched The DUFF and visited. Charlie loved playing with the dogs, as usual.

Throughout the weekend, we took several walks up the canyon. We explored several of the parks at the opening of the canyon.

I definitely kept myself busy. Each night, after putting the boys to bed, I would rush to work on several projects. I was planting more flowers, cleaning the new car, cleaning the car mats on the old car to get ready to sell, sanding and priming an old black bookcase from Ikea to transform into a window seat/bench, spray painting curtain holders, and the list goes on. I was busy, busy! But it felt great!




another look at the flowers under the bay windows

black ikea book case: before

painted white: after many coats of primer and paint

several weeks later (mid June) I finally chose the fabric and put the seat part together

with cubbies from Target...they fit perfectly!

With the light coming from behind the window, it is hard to give the color of the seat justice. It was way harder and took way longer than I intended, but I am happy with the result!

On Saturday, I visited my parents in the morning/early afternoon. The plan was to hit up a LulaRoe party that my friend, Amy, was hosting, but that ended up being canceled. It was a good excuse though to head up that way and visit the family. That night, I took the boys on another canyon walk.

Jason arrived home on Sunday, and then we headed to a birthday dinner for George. It was a fun celebration, and it was so great to have the husband home safe and sound with some fun stories! We sure do miss him when he is gone!

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