Tuesday, September 29, 2015

July 2015 - July 4th and Alli Visits

Thanks to a week of daily swimming in St. George, we were ready to face to a local pool with friends. My friends, Mindi and Shannon, invited me and the boys to a swim date at the Scera pool. I would never take the boys alone at this point, of course, and would normally be nervous without Jason or another family member, but I knew Charlie would do just fine in his puddle jumper. And I proved correct. He LOVED it! He had no problem going down the kiddie slide on his own and floating about in the deeper water while I stayed with Colson, who was in the stroller, or sat with him in the shallow end. I was thrilled! There was even a “big kid” slide that they allowed Charlie do go on in the lap of an adult. I wasn’t sure if it would be too scary for him, but he loved that, too. He kept wanting to go again and again. I was so impressed. I love that pool.

See the taller twirly slide in the back left of the picture? That is the one I was able to down with Charlie.

The Fourth of July is always a busy day, and this year was no exception. We started off at the Provo Parade with the Grubers. Always a treat, and Nancy and George are always so great to get there early and save us a spot in the shade. It was the perfect temperature this year, while others years have been unbearably hot. After the parade, we headed to the Grubers and had lunch of brats on the grill. After lunch, we hurried home to get the kids down for naps while we got the house ready to host dinner for my family. My parents treated the family to Stadium of Fire tickets! A first for almost everyone! They even got tickets so Camry and Kimberly could bring dates. They brought Lance and Kyle. So, before the show, everyone met at our house for a BBQ dinner here. Then we were off to the stadium. Thanks to Kim living at Wyview, we were able to park there. Score! Parking in Provo during Stadium of Fire can be INSANE! So we really lucked out. The main act of Stadium of Fire this year was Journey! Hence the reason my parents wanted to bring the family. They thought it would appeal to the entire family, which they were absolutely right about! They put on an amazing show!! It was seriously the best. So high energy and the music was spot on. The lead singer was so entertaining and hit every note. So good! The fireworks were fantastic, as well.

Of course Grandpa Gruber would bring donuts to the parade

Stadium of Fire!

Lance, Camry, Kim, Kyle, Mom, Dad, Tyson, Bryan, me...photographer: Jason

Alli, Capri, and Duke came to town. They stayed in Alpine and we got to do a few things with them. We spent a day around the Alpine house in the kiddie pools, another day we went to the Museum of Curiosity and lunch at McDonalds. On Saturday night, those who were able joined up for a pizza dinner shave ice at Snoasis. Rick was able to come in town for a short while and we got to meet Brian, Karl’s new boyfriend. He is very nice and easy to talk to. Sunday dinner was spent with Grandma Gruber, Jean, Lloyd, and George’s brother, Randy, who was in town visiting Grandma.

Rick, Alli, Brian, Karl, George, Nancy, Colson

As you may have noticed, I got a haircut. Not that big of a deal, but it was much needed thanks to all of the hormones associated with babies.My hair was so thin, the hairdresser was trying to talk me into a pixie cut. I wasn’t quite ready for that one yet. I am happy with what she was able to come up with, however. It was a much needed change.

That Sunday, we had an extended family dinner.

While Alli and kids were still in town, we spent an afternoon in Riverton at the new park by Max and April’s house. That park was amazing! It was quite the hot day, so we didn’t give the park the amount of time it truly deserved. We went back to April’s for a little bit to cool down with some popsicles. 

Alli came to check out the garden

Another Gruber outing with Alli was Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. The kids loved it, as usual. Charlie was brave again and rode the pony. We love it when family comes to town. We soak up as much of it as we can get!

Charlie and Greta....they are definitely related!

Colson getting lots of attention:

...maybe too much attention...

Alex, Greta, Grandma, Elsa, Mya, Capri, Charlie, Colson

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