Tuesday, December 8, 2015

August 2015 - Charlie and Garden

On August 11th, we started potty training Charlie. I was totally ready to wait until he was five or so to begin the process. No, not really, but the decision kind of came as a spur of the moment thing. After more than a week straight daily disaster of Charlie pooping during his nap or bedtime and then taking off his diaper and getting poop everywhere (carpet, sheets, walls, door, toys, himself) we knew something had to be done. I put together a little potty training basket and potty chart, and we were on our way. I will give more details to the agonizing process in Charlie’s biannual update, but despite the tortuous experience, we were successful by day four; and just in time for preschool to start.

That’s right, Charlie started preschool! Potty training was not a requirement for preschool, but it was definitely a step of progression.  And we had done it enough in advance where I was confident in sending him to school without worrying too much that he would have an accident. His teacher is Miss Reay at Windsor Elementary. He goes Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon for almost four hours. The bus picks him up and brings him home, and he loves it. That was such a relief! His first day of school was August 26th, and to my amazement, he was so excited and ready. We had no problem at all getting him on the school bus that first day and we haven’t had a problem since. He loves it!

first day of preschool

Another August activity was joining my family at Soldier Hollow in Midway for Bryan’s bike race. The boys seemed to enjoy being outside as well as the excitement. The trail is beautiful and Bryan did really well. We spent a little time after the race at the WorldMark condo before heading home.

We attended a reception for my friends Casey and Nick (they are friends I met while working at Vivint). The reception was at Castle Park, and I just love these pictures that we got of the boys.

Here is an update of our garden and harvest from August:

Pictured: corn, tomatoes, cantalope, peppers, onions

Just about every day we were able to harvest something from our garden, and each time was a delight. There is something genuinely satisfying and exciting about having a productive garden! Jason took charge of the vegetable garden (and it flourished) and I headed the front flower beds. The main flower bed under the bay windows does not have a sprinkler unit, so I flowered those babies every day, sometimes twice a day! I am very happy with the result.

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