Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yellowstone and New Years 2016

Wednesday morning came, and we left for Yellowstone. Kyle joined us on our trip. We stopped at the Wendy’s in Idaho Falls to visit the Rich cousins. The boys did pretty well on the drive (both ways). We reserved the two “pads” for the final stretches of the drive and that worked pretty well.

Lots of snow awaited us at Yellowstone. Bryan’s truck even got stuck in it less than a block away from our destination. We quickly learned how cold it was up there. It is the kind of cold that freezes your nose hairs just moments after walking outside. After Jason and Bryan dug them out, we finally made it to the Yellowstone WorldMark. It was so homey with a lodge-like feel. We had a great time, and the boys loved exploring.

The next morning, everyone headed for the Yellowstone Park snowmobiling adventure. I stayed back at the condo with the boys since I had already done it two years ago with Erin and her family. It was amazing and I was excited for the family to get to enjoy it. They loved it as well and had a great time. The beauty up there is just unreal! The boys and I explored the condo some more, went to the pool, played play dough, ate lunch at McDonalds, watched TV, and a had a good old time. We were excited, however, when everyone returned from snowmobiling that evening in time for dinner and to celebrate New Years. We rang it in properly with three sky lanterns. It was beautiful watching them float against the starry sky.

Pictures from snowmobiling:

On Friday, we all played in the giant snow piles and swam in the pool, playing lots of water basketball. It was intense and really fun. That evening we played Cashflow and watched Pink Panther, an Arbon favorite.

Oh, and who could forget the hilarious curlers my mom brought for us to try.

And we celebrated Camry's birthday!

On Saturday, we drove home. We ended up staying the night at my parents and watched Furious 7 with the family. We made it home to Orem Sunday morning before church.

We had such a fun time up in Yellowstone; it was a great and memorable trip. Here is a list of other movies and games that we played throughout the trip: Ratatouille, Taken and Taken 3, Mission Impossible, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Cover Your Assets, and Settlers of Catan. Jason and I were happy our gaming needs were met.

Until next time, Yellowstone....

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