Tuesday, May 10, 2016

January 2016 - Jason’s 30th Birthday and Staying Busy

A new year! Our church is now at 11:00 am and I am pretty stoked about that. It is a little challenging with Colson’s nap, but what church schedule really isn’t hard with that? Charlie is now in Primary as a Sunbeam with Sister Hansen and Sister Dukepoo.

My life has been changed! Macey’s has now started offering online grocery shopping! I order my groceries online, pay an extra $1.99, and then they bring it to my car when I pull in. It is amazing! In and out just like that. No more fighting with Colson to stay seated in the cart. Every once and awhile I still go into the store if I am only getting a few things, but Charlie always appreciates it because he loves sitting in the little car part of the cart and getting his Smartie treasure at the check out line. When we pull up for online orders, he gets sad that we are not getting out.

We celebrated Jason’s 30th birthday! We are into the 30’s people! We had a Sunday dinner with the Gruber side at our house. We had lasagna, breadsticks, Olive Garden salad, grapes, oatmeal cake, and ice cream. On his actual birthday, I made him a Belgian Waffle breakfast. He had to work, but once he got home I surprised him with three different envelopes for his 30th birthday. Each envelope had a different gift with a different itinerary for the night. Gifts and events ranged from eating at Cafe Rio and getting a new flat screen TV, to eating at Tucanos and getting a DVD player. He chose envelope number one: Dinner at Communal, milkshake at JCWs, a quick drive to BYU until our move at Water Gardens where we saw Spectre. It was a very fun night! Thanks to Camry who came to babysit. His gift was either an XBox One or Blu-Ray DVD player with a Roku, but we changed the rules and got a new desktop computer a couple of weeks later. The next Sunday, we had Jason’s birthday dinner with my family. We had them over and we had Brandalee’s Chicken and Rice, salad, croissants, Apple Crisp, and ice cream. After putting the kids to bed, we played some games.

Kim finally got engaged! We were wondering when this was going to happen. We thought it might happen over Christmas break, but Kyle didn’t want Kim to be suspecting. We are so excited for both of them!

One of Jason’s birthday gifts from my parents was a pass for night skiing. They watched the boys while we had a great night of skiing at Brighton. It was so much fun. It had been a long time since we had been together, and it made us hungry for more.

Jason was called as the Young Men’s basketball coach. He had a fun time and did a really good job with the boys. They had a great time. They had games once a week for a couple of months. Needless to say, with church callings and working on PicSkip, our week nights were very busy!

The Bachelor started (Ben Higgins season), and so my PG friends and I started getting together to watch it. It was a lot of fun and was a great season! I have only watched a couple of seasons, but the truth is it is a great excuse to get together, veg, and be entertained. It was a casual commitment, so if people couldn’t come one week, it was no big deal.

We had a date night with Amy and Johnny. We had sushi at Koi and then came back to our place for games.

I had a Girls Night with Kerstin and Alisha. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then got dessert at Ritas.

We had a game night with our PG Gamers: Gibbs, Bairds, Paces. We had dinner at Bangkok Grill and then played games at the Gibbs. The Paces introduced us to some new games: Spyfall and Codenames. It was a hoot! Kim and Kyle were nice and watched the boys for us.

We started watching Making a Murderer. It got a lot of hype on Netflix recently. It was such a good show! Very upsetting and it made me extremely emotional, but very interesting. I hope whatever the truth really is that all can be made right in the end.

I started listening to Ready Player One because of Jason’s recommendation. It took me a couple of months, but it was amazing! It was so much fun and very clever. I recommend it to anyone!

In the cold months, we kept ourselves entertained with many library visits, and trips to Thanksgiving Point:

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