Monday, May 23, 2016

February 2016 - Valentine’s Day and Provo City Center Temple

Not long after Jason’s birthday gift of night skiing, we were back on the slopes, this time night skiing with Jaleah and Mark. The Grubers watched the boys for us while we went. We had a blast with Mark and Jaleah. After skiing and hot chocolate in the car, we headed to Lone Star Taqueria for some amazing tacos and nachos. That place is dang good! It was a very fun night out with friends.

Our new desktop computer arrived that we ordered as Jason’s birthday gift. It has made work and other things much easier and it is so much faster than our laptops. So far, we love it.

We finished a couple of shows: Making a Murderer and Tudors (the edited version I got from my brother, Tyson). In a weird way, it is very satisfying (and sad at the same time) to finish a television series you have enjoyed. Our Netflix binges came to an end after that, however. We re-evaluated our priorities, especially with PicSkip in the works, and made some new goals. Since February, we have reserved TV to the weekends. It has been a hard, but refreshing, change.

Valentine’s Day was really fun this year. Charlie is starting to understand holidays, and he thinks that every holiday means frosting cookies. Luckily Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for frosting cookies. It was also fun helping Charlie make his Valentine’s for his classmates. They turned out really cute, thanks to Pinterest. Charlie and Jason even had a father and son outing to Home Depot to make Valentine's Day mailboxes. So cute! Charlie loved it! The night of, Jason and I kept it pretty low key and watched an edited version of the Revenant after the boys went to bed. That movie is crazy!

I cut my hair! Like, I really cut my hair. I now have a pixie. My hair started breaking really bad along the right side of my face to the back of my head. It was breaking just above my ear. It was so bad that Jason was even noticing it and wondering what was going on. It would fluff out and go crazy at the ends. I wasn’t sure if it was my old straightener that was killing my hair, or the plastic hair ties I was using for my ponytails. Either way, I got a new straightener and Jason agreed to let me cut my hair short as a last resort for repairing my poor hair. You have to know it was bad in order for Jason to let me cut it that short. It has been a really fun change. It was definitely strange looking at myself in the mirror for a while, and even still it seems temporary, but it is fun for now.

I was called as the Relief Society Secretary, no longer the Assistant Secretary.

My cousin, Darnel, got his mission call. It was very exciting. He was called to Papua New Guinea. It is so nuts seeing my cousin, who has always been a little boy in my eyes, grow up and becoming a man. It is so weird! He is so excited; he is going to be a great missionary.

That night, after the opening, we dropped the boys off at my parents in Draper, and Jason and I headed to a game night with Alli and Parker Redding, and Jake and Tierani Goeckeritz. We went to Jake’s house and played Settlers of Catan and Telestrations. It was very fun. I went back to Draper that night to sleep with the boys, and Jason went to our home in Orem. Jason had the Provo Temple Open House the next morning with his family. After the Open House, he met back up with us in Draper to be with the boys while I went with Kim, Mom, and Dad to Kim’s wedding dress fitting. So exciting! She looked beautiful and picked such a pretty and unique dress. The events didn’t end there. After the fitting, Jason and I met up with Kerstin and Alisha, and their men, for a lunch date at Cheesecake Factory. We got to meet Alisha’s boyfriend and learn of her engagement plans.

The next week, we all got sick. The boys and I spent the week at home.

Next, it was my turn to go to the Provo City Center Temple Open House. It is so beautiful! Jason and I took turns going with our families so we could each enjoy it without trying to keep the boys under control. I went with my family and then we went to Waffle Love for some dessert. It was pretty cool because everyone got or shared a waffle except for my dad. The manager, seeing this, then brought my dad his own free waffle (as he was the one who had paid for all of our waffles). It was really cool of them.

Jason went fishing at Fish Creek with his work partner, John, but spent two of those precious hours being stuck in the snow.

Our water heater went out, so we had to replace it...just months after our new home warranty ran out!

We decided it was time to sell the shaved ice machine. Jason and John decided last year that they weren’t going to do a shaved ice shack, so we knew it was time to part with the machine. We had MANY amazing late-night desserts with that thing and it is sad to see it go. It finally got sold last month (end of April). It is definitely missed, but it feels to good to have been able to sell it and get the money back.

Here are some more pictures from the month:

Trying on their reception outfits from Grandma Arbon for Kim's upcoming wedding:

The tulips making an appearance:

Shortly followed by:

Enjoying some of our favorite healthy treats:

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