Saturday, August 20, 2016

Colson's Fifteenth Month

(January 6 - February 5)

Colson LOVES to be chased. It just makes him light up and giggle. He likes to play rough and can be quite aggressive. He will lunge for Charlie and try to knock him over.

He is starting to give the biggest cheesy smiles.

His two naps a day were hit and miss and so I started transitioning him to one mid-day nap. Taking him to 11:00 am church really became a joke. So hard.

He can say some words/sounds like bye-bye, night-night, wa wa (water), baby, bubbles, no, choo choo, uh-oh, boat (thanks to a painting of a boat near his crib), and bear for big stuffed animals. He can nod and shake his head. I’m so stoked to see him saying so much!

We have had to baby-proof the kitchen chairs with a string to keep him climbing up onto the table. He just loves to try and get up there. It is a constant battle. He is the ultimate climber. He loves to sneak into the office and pound on the computer. When I find him in there, he is standing there on the chair with the headphones on. It is hilarious.

Here are more pictures from the month:

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