Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Colson’s Sixteenth Month

(February 6 - March 5)

Colson has been teething like crazy lately! He has not been a happy boy. Poor guy.

He is doing well with one nap a day. Typically, I will give him a bottle during lunch around 11:00 am or so, and by 12:00 pm, I lay him in his crib without the bottle and he will fall asleep. Sometimes he will cry for about five minutes, but then he will sleep until about 2:30 pm. That is a good two and a half hours. I am stoked! It stayed consistent for about a week.

Colson can nod his head for “yes”. It is a big slow nod; he will hold his head down for a second and look up at you through his eyelashes. It is really cute. He can say “nana” for banana, or I can ask him if he wants a banana and he will give me one of his nods.

He loves playing with soft blankets. He loves looking for the dogs in the neighborhood through the windows. He is obsessed.

He can walk/run pretty fast. He still throws his arm back and sticks his chest and head forward. It reminds me of a chicken. It is hilarious. He is still climbing everything. It definitely keeps us busy. He never stays seated in his high chair anymore. He can wiggle out of pretty much any kind of seat straps or buckles. He likes to stand and move around. He will even climb up and sit on top of the tray. You can never really relax around that boy!

Here are some pictures from the month:

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