Thursday, January 26, 2017

Arbon Colorado Trip 2016 - Part II

When we arrived we were stoked to find an amazing condo. We had the presidential suite at this resort and it was awesome. We had never stayed in one of the suites before, and it made us think twice about ever going back to the regular condos again. Of course we will settle because of the cost, but once you taste of the suite it is hard to go back. It was huge and had a gorgeous view over the golf course. It was big enough for all of us to stay in the suite. That afternoon we were able to get some swimming in before the storm hit. We played some pool at the clubhouse. That evening at sunset, Jason, Kim, Kyle, and I played some mean Spikeball on the golf course. It was seriously surreal how beautiful it was. It was overwhelming. One of those moments in time that you cherish and remember forever. It was great! While we played, the rest of the family took the boys on a walk around the grounds.

Finally winning a game against Kim & Kyle!

The absolutely gorgeous view from our balcony (my favorite part):

Looking up onto our balcony from the golf course.

The stars from our balcony:

Thursday was another fun day. It was the day with the ATVs...we had a Razor and a four wheeler. We traded off in three shifts due to seating and so someone could always be with the boys. It rained on and off all day, but that didn’t get us down. We had a blast. We even saw a couple of moose. During the off shift, people enjoyed warming up in the hot tub on the balcony.

This view was breathtaking! It reminded me of Never Land/Pirates Cove!

(The little boys only turned up for a quick five minute ride)

Back at the condo:

Friday was another awesome day! We went horseback riding, and I seriously had a blast. Again, the trail was beautiful, and it was a little stormy so the landscape was very dramatic. It rained on and off all day again. My dad opted not to go horseback riding, so he stayed back at the condo and tended the boys. That afternoon we played some games and that evening we went into town to do some souvenir shopping. Then we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I love the Olympics so there couldn’t have been a better way to end the day...well, we did also hot tub again icing on the chocolate cake.

On Saturday we left for Steamboat Springs. It was another couple hour drive. We got there a little early for check-in time, but they gave us keys for the pool so Jason, Charile, Colson and I swam for a short time. We were thankful to finally see some hot and sunny weather! We had been in clouds and rain for most of the trip. While at the pool, Kim and Kyle picked up a pizza for us to eat for lunch. Later that evening some of the boys and Dad went for a mountain bike ride. They said it was really pretty and a lot of fun. While they were away doing that, the rest of us went for a walk around the condo and strip. This city was probably the most populated and residential of all the cities we had stayed at on our trip. When the boys got back, we had a good time watching Olympics and just hanging out.

The mountain bikers

Before we knew it, it was Sunday...the day of our departure. We went to church then had lunch, and then we got all packed up. It was hard to say goodbye to such a fun trip, but we had vacationed for a good amount of time and our at home responsibilities were calling us. Our little family was leaving a day earlier from the rest of the group because of work. Tyson and Bryan ended up driving home with us in their truck. The rest of them stayed behind another night. The boys did as good as could be expected again on the drive home. We were blessed and missed a major hail storm by minutes! We saw a car on the side of the road with a busted windshield due to golf ball sized hail balls. It was nuts!

While we were driving home, the rest of the family enjoyed more hiking and sightseeing in Steamboat.

Wow, we had such a wonderful trip! Thanks to my parents for making it all possible and loving to spend time with our family. We had such a great time!

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