Sunday, January 15, 2017

Colson’s Twentieth Month

(June 6 - July 5)

Somehow this month went by without writing too much about Colson’s progress and personality, but I’m sure all of these pictures will do just fine. Here are a few things that I recorded from this month:

Colson is obsessed with balloons! If there are any in sight, that is his focus for the rest of the day and he won’t let go of it. This must have started after seeing balloons at Charlie’s birthday parties. He wants it in the car, while he eats, while he naps, in the bath. He is so upset anytime we have to take it away from him.

On his own, Colson has started closing his eyes and folding his hands during prayers. It is the cutest thing ever! He started this just by observing family.

When I am around, Colson is very needy. He wants me to hold him or always be right there with him at his level. He will pull me down and want me to sit with him during everything or pick him up and carry him wherever I go. He is not that way with others, and when I am gone he does fine with his independent play.

But most of all, Colson loves Charlie!

Colson LOVES swimming and wearing the puddle jumper in the pool. It is on the big side, but with constant supervision, he is able to float and kick around. It is awesome.

Here are some pictures from the month:

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