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Charlie 4 to 4.5

(June 19 - December 18)

How to summarize six months of a four-year-olds life. It is hard to do, but here we go.

There are a few things that Charlie loves...and when Charlie loves something he can become obsessed. Charlie loves riding his new bike. He is still obsessed with doing laundry and clothes. He loves to spell things and will ask me how to spell things. We have a letter puzzle for small words like cat, bear, fish, etc. Those are the words he can spell the best. Charlie is a very smart boy.

By August, Charlie is still obsessed with laundry and will ask about it almost daily. He loves making piles and can fold some laundry now like shirts and pants. We do laundry twice a week, on Monday and Thursday, so it is painful for him to wait on the off days.

Charlie is doing great with swimming with his puddle jumper. He loves slides and swings and is doing well climbing things. It is amazing to see how some things that used to be fears are now great sources of fun for him. I am thrilled!

With friend Phoenix Coburn

Hayden, London, Ryder, Kenzlie, Colson, Charlie, Emmi

Charlie was even brave enough to go on this ride at the State Fair. He loved it! Jason had to keep him seated in his seat...he wanted to stand up.

Even jumping off of the diving board!

Charlie had his four year appointment. He is doing well. Here are his measurements:
Weight: 33.8 lbs - 24%
Height: 40.7 in - 49%
The said to check the spot on in the inside of his hand when he hits puberty. Those kinds of moles or spots are likely melanoma.

Charlie is waking up between 6:00 and 7:00 am now.

Charlie has started his second year of preschool, this time in the morning session. For the first month he was liking it again and was happy to go with no complaints. The morning school bus gets him at 8:40 am and then he gets home at 12:00 noon.

First official school picture!

Charlie has conquered some fears, but has introduced others. He is scared of the dark and does not want to be alone. We got him a night light to help. There was a period that he started waking up in the middle of the night and coming in with us. He would want to climb in with us or go to the bathroom. This happened three or more times a week, then fizzled out after a month.

We redid the wall decor in his room, finally. It finally has a better “themed” feel to it. Much more like I envisioned it when we moved in.



Charlie had Parent Teacher Conference. He is doing well, but Miss Reay is concerned about him emotionally handling transitions. She said he may not be ready for Kindergarten next year because of this. Academically he is doing really well, it is just the emotional time he has with some transitions. Since this is his second year of special education preschool, we would have to look elsewhere for additional preschool. They do not offer more than two years. By December, for his IEP Meeting, Miss Reay said that Charlie had improved dramatically with controlling his emotions and handling transitions. She felt he was ready for Kindergarten. Academically, Charlie would be bored with another year of preschool and that could lead to behavior problems. I was very happy to hear that news. Charlie will being started Kindergarten in the fall.

A new obsession emerged for Charlie. One day we went through some boxed up clothes to sort and send to DI. After that, he wanted to do that all day, every day, with everyone’s clothes. He also wanted to sort the clothes in piles based on tag sizes. If there was no tag, he wanted to send them to DI. This continues to be a frequent activity that Charlie wants to do.

Charlie likes to pretend to be a cat and terrorize Colson. Charlie LOVES the color purple. He demands the purple plate, cup, spoon, etc.

Suddenly, Charlie started complaining about going to preschool in the morning. I’m not sure if it was because he was not as excited about preschool or didn’t enjoy it as much, or if mornings were just harder because he wanted to stay home and play with toys and sort clothes. He always came home from school happy, so I lean towards him being unhappy to leave and interrupt his fun in the mornings. Leaving at 8:40 in the morning doesn’t leave a lot of time for play after dressing and eating breakfast.

Charlie loves building towers with blocks and little homes and things for his figurine animals. He is actually really good at it too! He also loves playing with his buddies (stuffed animals).

He loves the movie Secret Life of Pets.

He loves coloring and drawing. Here is some of his art:

Suddenly, Charlie started stuttering…”I, I, I,....” Usually at the beginning of a sentence or idea. It is especially prominent if he is excited or anxious about something and he can’t quite make out what he is going to say yet, but he knows he wants to say something. The stuttering continues today.

Charlie has started saying “oh my gosh” and “oh my feck” (for oh my heck haha). I know Jason and I are completely to blame for these phrases. One day when Charlie was saying a prayer he said, “bless Colson that he’s a grommet.” Jason and I just busted up laughing! Oh the things kids pick up on.

Towards the end of this phase Charlie started rejecting helping with laundry, but only because he is too busy sorting the other clothes in the bins (the clothes boxed up because they are too big or too small).

Charlie continued to get more and more scared. He didn’t want to be alone, ever. He didn’t even want to be downstairs or upstairs alone. He will do it, but he will always ask for me to come first. The phase only lasted a month or so.

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