Friday, April 28, 2017

December 2016 - Christmas Activities & Jim Gaffigan

We had a month full of Christmas activities. Here are a few of the things we did:

We saw the lights at the Riverwoods. It is always so pretty (and cold), and they have a free Santa inside a little house. It is really cute. Colson was not excited about Santa though. He was not having it. He refused to sit with Santa. We ran into the Madsens while there and then again in the Blickenstaff store. They surprised us with a $25 gift card! It was such a nice thing! They had a couple gift cards because of some work that Natalie did with Studio C and so they gave one to us. It was so cool! We were seriously shocked and so grateful. We were able to get a couple of small things for the boys for Christmas. It was really fun.

We frosted Christmas cookies: A requirement and favorite activity for Charlie.

We completed our “Year in Review” video for our Christmas card and sent them out to friends and family. We had a blast taking our favorite clips from the year and putting them in a video for everyone we love to enjoy. It will also be a treasure for us to have in years to come. We were able to include our video right on our Christmas card thanks to PicSkip’s Video Codes. We even got to print our cards early before we even finished putting the video together to take advantage of some early bird sales (thanks to PicSkip Plus dynamic QR codes). Click here to see the video.



We went to our Ward Christmas breakfast.

We went to the MoTab Christmas Concert with my family. Emma babysat for us and then we met up with my family at 1800Contacts (Kyle’s workplace) to ride up together. It was a beautiful concert, like always. It is always a treat to go and we were lucky to get tickets. We take it any time we are given the chance.

Here are some other things we were up to during December:

As an early Anniversary date, Jason and I got tickets to the Jim Gaffigan concert. It was such a fun night! He is hilarious! Definitely our favorite comedian (plus we have such fond memories of first learning of him during a Christmas with the Grubers). Jim nailed it again; we were not disappointed. We laughed the whole night.

Thanks to a recommendation from Alli we started the show Poldark. We LOVED it! So good. We had a great time (and dramatic time) watching it.

We had a really fun and delicious Progressive Dinner with the Grubers. We started at the Hadley’s new house in Alpine for appetizers, the main course was at George and Nancy’s, and then we had dessert at Jeans. It was really nice getting together, as we rarely do with the Hadleys, Hymas’s, and Whites. So glad we got to do that.

We celebrated Bryan’s 18th birthday! Still can’t believe he is 18! We ended up having dinner at our place, and then Bryan requested that the guys play Halo, so he brought his new console and controllers. While the guys played Halo, the girls cut snowflakes for me to hang in the front room by our tree. We have a ceiling light fixture in there that is long and perfect for hanging snowflakes. My mom and Camry were surprisingly great at this! On like a professional level. They put mine and Kim’s designs and abilities to shame.

We went and saw the new Star Wars Rogue 1 movie with my family and the Phillips cousins. It was so good! We loved it! One of the best yet! I was stoked to see that we were in a theater with recliners...I have never been to a movie with those. I was in love! (Maybe a little too comfortable though...that’s danger zone for me to fall asleep.)

Charlie had his annual IEP meeting and I was pleased to hear that Miss Reay felt he was ready for Kindergarten. That was great news!

Here are some more pictures from the month:

Charlie's friend Afton came to play

Amy and I started trading meals every so often; we were excited to get this ready-to-cook meal! Thanks!

Charlie made a restaurant for me and his buddies

Dylan got his mission call...Marshall Islands!

The trapping continues:

An early Christmas gift came from Uncle Alan: a bubble machine!

They loved it!

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