Monday, April 24, 2017

Colson's 24th Month

(October 6 - November 5)

In Colson’s final month of being one, he still loves to jump and wrestle. This boy is constantly moving, unless of course he is in front of a fun show.

Colson is doing great at the gym and nursery. Dad still drops him off at nursery, but he doesn’t have any trouble and he LOVES his nursery leader. One day when I was picking Colson up at the gym he was playing catch with two five-year-old boys. They were being so sweet to him, and I loved seeing him throw and catch. When I told Colson it was time to go, the boys said “Bye, Colson” and then showed me how he could catch and throw. It was so cute.

There have been a lot of tears lately, however, when going to bed or taking a nap. He wants to keep reading another book, and then another...and it goes on and on like that. He doesn’t want to be laid down. He also complains about the dark now, so we have put in a night light.

Colson has REALLY intense tantrums! They are really getting bad. We have a rough road ahead.

I have caught Colson biting his nails a few times.

Colson LOVES candy, treats, ice cream...all of it!! He has such a sweet tooth. Halloween definitely didn't help with that.

He can count to ten!

Colson loves being a helper! He helps me cook, vacuum, whatever it is, he wants to help. For awhile I kept trying to get him distracted on something else, but he would resist and it would become a battle of wills while I tried to get stuff done. Once I started actually letting him help, I feel like we started understanding each other better. Rather than getting frustrated with him crying at my feet while I am making breakfast, he sits on the counter and helps with each step of preparation. He spends A LOT of time on the counters.

Here are some more pictures from the month:

Wet from the slide...
A rare bath alone...almost always with Charlie.

Colson's many expressions:


Loved being Kenzlie's little buddy!

Colson also LOVES being with cousins!

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