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November 2016 - Election Day and Luminaria

Jason started a new season of his soccer league with roughly the same other guys. The schedule this season was nuts, however. The first game was at 11:25 pm! And that proved to be the general trend for the season.

Jaleah, Bryton, and I had a girls night celebrating Bryton’s birthday. She chose Corner Bakery Cafe. Always a treat!

Mya recently turned eight and we were excited to be with her for her baptism. It was a wonderful program. Then we enjoyed a delicious pasta luncheon held at the upper loft of a finished garage belonging to the Gruber's neighbors (since they recently moved out of their house and into George and Nancy’s basement...awaiting their new house to become available sometime beginning of next year).

Colson had his second birthday! There will be a post on that next.

We took the younger Gruber cousins and Grandma to the new Orem park. Everyone had a great time!

Finally, the long awaited Election Day was here. Being Republican, we were still in shock that Donald Trump was our candidate. We could not believe it! I was having a hard time with knowing who to vote for. In my opinion, both parties were not good or honest people. In the end, for me it couldn’t be a morality competition, as they were both not up to standard, so I had to vote for the person who I thought could actually make a change. For me, the answer to that was Donald Trump. I voted for him, but the overall feel going into election night was that Hilary Clinton would win by a landslide. We were in Alpine watching the counts come in with George, Nancy, and Max’s family. Rather quickly we started to see the tides change in favor of Trump. Again, we were in complete shock! We were on high energy as we munched on treats and listened to the reports. By the end of the night, as we were driving home with our kids sleeping in the car, we heard the final verdict...Trump won! It was complete excitement! It was such an awesome feeling. Part of me was horrified because Trump is such a loose canon and has so many faults, but the biggest feeling was of excitement as I could feel for the first time in a long time potential for change! We felt victory!

We had a date night with Amy and Johnny. They invited us for dinner and to see their new apartment in Sandy. It is so cute; Amy is so great at decorating and creating things. They cooked us a delicious dinner and then we went to Live Game Escape Room in Salt Lake. Jason and I had never done one of these so we were excited and nervous. We had a blast! We were in a group with two other couples and we made it out without help with 21 minutes to spare. It was a great night...aside from the fact that Jason dropped his keys in a pile of leaves when were getting out of the car to enter the Escape Room. He didn’t realize it until we were all the way back at Amy’s and were trying to drive home (we had ridden to Salt Lake together in Johnny’s car). So we drove all the way back to Salt Lake and were so lucky to find them in that pile of leaves right next to where we had parked the car before. Phew! That did add a little bit extra babysitting time, but thankfully it was Kim and Kyle who were tending for us and didn’t mind. That night while were gone, Bri, Brad, and their girls actually came to spend the night. They had come for the BYU game and had asked to stay. We were excited to have them. It was lucky that Kim and Kyle were there to greet them and host them until we got home. Bri and Brad stayed and went to church with us the next day. They ended up having to leave a little early to unlock Brad’s parents house. They had just flown in from a trip and forgot to take house keys. Brad was the only one who could help them. It was fun to have them for that short time.

We had a game night with our PG friends: Bairds, Gibbs, Paces. This time we had dinner at Studio 22 Cafe (delicious). We couldn’t help but stop at Rockwells for ice cream. Then we went to the Bairds to play Incan Gold and Deception. Another fun night with these guys.

Before we knew it, it was towards the end of November and Thanksgiving Point had their special preview days of Luminaria for the very first time! We had to see what it was all about. We got a sitter one night and headed to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful. The gardens were all lit up with Christmas lights, and other kinds of electric lights. It was awesome. Normally we don't support Christmas things before Thanksgiving, but for this special preview we decided to make an exception. Glad we did! We even treated ourselves to some hot chocolate and a cookie as we wandered through this bright-light wonderland. It was quite spectacular. We LOVED it!

A new addition to the Light of the World exhibit.

As we went to get in our car to leave, however, we had a flat. We tried to inflate it with a small machine we have in our car, and that worked... but only got us a few miles. We had to get off the freeway and go to a gas station, fill up more air, then make it home. We ended up having to put the spare on the next day and take it into the shop where they repaired the hole. Car problems are the worst!

And then Thanksgiving weekend was upon us! I will make a separate post on that later.

Here are some more pictures from the month of November:

University Mall Indoor Park while Charlie is at school - 
Colson loved being Kenzlie's little buddy.

Charlie and his obsessive organizing.

Exploring a new park with PG play date friends:

Playing with new blocks...built a giraffe with Mommy

Daddy makes the best forts!

Some beautiful cuttings from our own flowers:

The Young Men helped put on a cultural dinner with the Young Women

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