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October 2016 - General Conference and Halloween

October means General Conference time! We went to my parents during the Priesthood session. The men got Cafe Rio and ate downstairs while watching the session on the projector. The rest of us went to the pumpkin patch and picked up Chik-fil-A. After the session, we roasted s’mores over the fire pit on the deck.. It was a fun evening. The next morning we had breakfast and watched conference. Our family went to the Grubers for the afternoon session and celebrated Mya’s birthday. We also got fun Halloween bags of goodies from the Grandma and Grandpa. We LOVE Conference weekends!

Our homemade grape jelly on Max's homemade bread!
A match made in heaven.

We had a Parent Teacher Conference meeting for Charlie.

Charlie's school picture

We have been busy running around to the different fall sports to get footage for a PicSkip yearbook video (girls soccer, girls volleyball, and football). The video never ended up happening, but hey we have footage if we ever want it in the future. We also went up to Bryan’s mountain bike race at Eagle Mountain. It was the dustiest trail we have ever driven on, but it was really fun and good weather. The boys had a blast playing in the dirt, and we had a good time filming Bryan and the overall race. A week later we went to Corner Canyon High School with some of Bryan’s friends to film some PicSkip footage of them scanning codes in yearbooks and taking some pictures. We rewarded our actors with Jamba Juice afterwards. Another PicSkip task this month was putting a window decal on our car. I have a friend in the ward who has a Silhouette cutter and was able to cut it for us. That was so nice! It’s fun having it on the car.

Jason's old stomping grounds - Lone Peak High for girls volleyball

The boys loved exploring the football game at Timpanogos

Eagle Mountain race:

We went with Bryan up Corner Canyon and took some pictures of him riding for his future graduation announcement.

We also spent a day in Midway at another of Bryan's bike races.

Jason went on a surf trip to Hawaii with Mike Pacada. That post is coming soon.

Daddy brought home Seasider shirts back for the boys! Go BYU-Hawaii!

We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with some delicious steaks and fire pit time.

A joke on Arbons always leaving a tiny sliver of everything...no one wanting to take the last piece, but not really leaving enough for anyone to really enjoy a full serving.

I had a Girls Night with Amy. We went and saw the movie “The Light Between Oceans”. I was a total mess. It was a horrible movie. Okay, a good movie, but a horrible movie! I was sobbing!

I had my first experience with a Primary Program as a Primary Presidency member. It was crazy, hectic, and stressful, but as they always do, somehow it turned out and went smoothly. There was definitely a sweet spirit during the program and we can happily say it was a success. This was also Charlie's first time participating in a Primary Program. He did awesome! He even had his part memorized. For the rehearsal, he nailed it. For the program, since we was last in line for his class (and everyone else was getting help and being told what to say) he waited and did the same...waited to repeat his part. Both sets of grandparents were able to make it for the program. It was very special.

Kyle and Kim are the Spikeball enthusiasts of the family, and as you have seen in past posts, Jason and I have really enjoyed it as well. Kyle signed up for a Spikeball tournament and needed a partner, so he invited Jason to join him. Kim, the boys, and I had a good time watching them and playing at the park up the hill.

That evening, our friends the Coburns, invited us and other friends over for a potluck dinner style Fall Party. The kids played in the backyard and on the tramp while the adults chatted.

And just like that we were in the thick of Halloween festivities! I had costume plans in my mind for Charlie and Colson, but Charlie kept saying he wanted to be a skeleton. So that was that. Both boys already had skeleton pajamas, thanks to hand-me-downs, so it was decided that we would all be skeletons for Halloween. The boys shockingly LOVED going to the Halloween stores. I thought for sure they would be freaked, and Colson was a little bit, but Charlie just thought it was hilarious and great. It has been fun to see Charlie grow a little bit in his courage. We had a fun Ward Halloween Party. The boys had a blast running around in the costumes with the other kids.

Dressing up for preschool:

Dressing up for the Ward Party:

It was Great Grandma Grubers 96th birthday! We went and celebrated with them and ate some delicious cake and desserts that Jean made. She is the best at that!

We celebrated Colson’s birthday a little early with the Gruber side. We had a birthday dinner with them on October 30th in Alpine. I will include more on that in a later post about Colson’s birthday.

When the evening of Halloween finally arrived we were very excited! We all dressed up in our skeleton costumes (face make-up and all) and were anxious for family to arrive and get trick-or-treating. George and Nancy actually arrived while we were finishing up our costumes. George helped Jason quickly “carve” one of our pumpkins with his sawzall. It was hilarious. Tyson arrived, then my parents came all dressed up as well. It was great. Camry came next. George and Nancy took a bowl of chili before heading home. They had stopped by just to see the costumes and to wish us Happy Halloween. Then my dad and Camry stayed at the house to man the candy and to eat some dinner while we went out with the boys, my mom, and Tyson trick-or-treating. The boys definitely got the hang of it quickly and it was just adorable. They loved getting all the candy. Charlie especially liked the chocolate candy. After going to the houses near our street, we headed back to eat. We had made our BBQ chili, cornbread, and wassail for the family. My mom brought an apple crisp. Colson loved snitching from the candy bucket. After eating we couldn’t help but do a little more trick-or-treating in the dark. Kim and Kyle came just before putting the boys to bed. Bryan joined us too after his bike practice. We had a fun time eating sweets and watching Harry Potter 7 Part 2. It was another wonderful Halloween that the boys will be dreaming of for days!

Our neighbor Jerry and his dog Loddy

Our neighbors the Lairds

Our neighbors the Lambsons

Here are more pictures from the month:

Fun at the Curiosity Museum

Charlie's own block tower designs:

Exploring a brand new park in Orem - It is awesome!

Visiting the Provo Temple:

A new pillow for Charlie's bed

The flowers before ripping them out for the season

Planting the pansies for next year.

The Scarecrow Festival at the Ashton Gardens:

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