Thursday, April 6, 2017

Colson's 22nd Month

(August 6 - September 5)

Colson is talking so much! He can say so many words; he can even say some two-word sentences like “help me” and “my turn”. We are loving it! I also love it when he sings along with me. He will sing Wheels on the Bus, A Dream is a Wish, Old McDonald, Five Little Monkeys, just to name a few.

He is still obsessed with balloons, fish and fishing, climbing on things, sitting on the table and counter tops, playing in cars and pretending to drive in the drivers seat. Sometimes he will request to stay in the car once we get home and he will tell me to go inside so he can play alone in there.

The aftermath of his climbing...only a small cut. 
We are lucky!

Another funny thing is sometimes he will pretend to be asleep in his car seat when I am getting him out of the car.

Colson is very protective of Charlie. He will yell, belly-out, at anyone who is taking toys or even appearing to be mean to Charlie.

He is now sleeping until about 7:00 am. That is a nice change. He can climb out of the pack n’ play. The day Jason left for Canada, Colson started climbing out of his crib too! I lowered it to the very bottom hole that night. A couple of days later, however, he was back to climbing out, even at the lowest hole. At that point, I put a child lock knob on the inside of his door so he could no longer come out during naps and bed. The first couple of days of that he climbed out, cried for 40 minutes, then fell asleep on the chair because he can’t climb back in the crib. After that, I had no problems of him climbing out during nap time.

Colson is doing well playing on his own, he may even be happier while Charlie is at preschool. He is sad when he leaves, but is happy to have the toys to himself with no one to fight over them with. The first day when Charlie came home, Colson ran to get his backpack and wanted to put it on. He kept saying “bus” and walking to the front door. He wanted to go to school. It was cute, but kind of heartbreaking. Sorry little man.

He now wants to go potty on the toilet before bath time just like Charlie. He can go pee on the toilet and has gone poo once. I am not ready for the full on potty training yet, and I feel he is still kind of young, so we are happy to see him try and to be excited about it, but we aren’t pushing it just yet. Before bath time seems to be a good routine though.

Here are more pictures:

Lots of head injuries lately:

His mischievous smile:

He loves riding the ponies at Farm Country

From Alpine Days:

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