Friday, April 28, 2017


Thanksgiving this year was with the Arbons. We headed up to Draper in a blizzard Wednesday night for our traditional Pie Night. Always delicious and something we look forward to. That night, Grandma and Grandpa gave new toys to the boys for them to play with while they are at their house. They were perfect and the boys had a great time playing with them throughout the weekend. The toys included a food cash register, foam alphabet puzzle, and a hot wheels loop and launch. Such a great idea!

On Thursday we were busy preparing the Thanksgiving meal. We did some crafts with the boys to keep them busy during the morning as well as played with the new toys. John Phillips joined us for the feast, which was absolutely delicious! John also stayed into the evening where we played Cube at the park and then Tyson introduced his VR set to us. He set it up downstairs next to the projector so everyone could see what the person was seeing within the headset. Everyone took turns trying it out. It was absolutely phenomenal. So amazing! Way better than I imagined. The system he had and the games that he demoed with us were very interactive and fun to play. It was so cool! We played until the late hours. Tyson kept the system up for the weekend, so each night we played and played and played; we couldn’t get enough! Some favorite games were Space Pirates, Zombies, and Google Earth.

Some Pinterest inspired place-settings that the boys could help with:

On Friday we hung out at the house and played games. In the evening we went bowling, which was a really fun family activity. I can’t remember the last time we went. The Arbons proved their lack of bowling skills. That night we filmed a family nativity segment to put on the Arbon Christmas card that year (to help promote PicSkip). And then, of course, like I mentioned, we did VR until we were ready for bed.

On Saturday, our little family went to pick up a new Christmas tree. Our current tree was just too small for the space in our new house. Last year we knew we would have to upgrade for this year. We found a great tree and then we also looked at TVs for a potential Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Our TV has had issues and basically takes about five to ten minutes to warm up before the screen gets clear enough to watch anything. After looking around at the options, we went back to my parents’ house and helped set up Christmas lights. My mom saw a Santa sitting outside a bed and breakfast and thought it would be fun to take Charlie to see him (since Colson was napping). We got there and found out it was a not a free Santa and were disappointed. After a little awkward talking, they did let us take a picture with him since no one else was even there, but it was truthfully worthless as the Santa was kind of freaky looking and not jolly at all. Santa FAIL!

And then it was back to Arbons with more games and more VR. We were hooked.

The boys loved trapping and taping Camry up...or anyone they could get their hands on!

On Sunday, we went to church, had dinner, and then headed home.

We had a very fun, enjoyable, relaxing weekend. It was great! We are so lucky to have family so close and to be able to have these extended holiday weekends together with everyone. Seriously lucky, and I hope we never take it for granted!

On Monday, we went back to Costco and picked up a new 65” inch TV. We were stoked. This was to be our Christmas gift to each other.



That evening we set up the new Christmas tree, just in time for December and the Christmas season! Oh how we love the holidays!!

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