Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Date Nights

We had two great date nights in January (or at least two that we have pictures of...).

First we had a fun night of pizza and bowling with Nate, Sarah, and Richard. Jason and I get pretty competitive when it comes to games...and we definitely don't like to lose. Let's just say we lost miserably (thanks to my bowling a 45...a 45!!! I'm so ashamed!), but somehow we still had a great time!

Apparently I'm still living and walking in the drill team days...haha!

Aiden even beat me...

Another fun date night was the next day with Bryton, Jake, Jaleah, Mark, and other Tuttle family members. We all enjoyed Jaleah's dream date of Comedy Sports and drinks at Sparks Lounge.

SO chic...

Another fun day in January included Jason's visit to the Train Exhibit at Thanksgiving Point. Unfortunately, I had to work, but Jason was able to meet up with the Gruber clan for some quality train time. Apparently there are some crazy train folk out there...

Mya is too dang cute!


  1. wow look at that huge belly of mine! bowling was a lot of fun. we'll have to do it again soon! and thats so fun you went to sparks lounge. i love that place.

  2. made the blog! huzzah! that was a fund night...must do that again...