Monday, April 19, 2010

San Clemente Continued

Before I get to Valentine's Day, I realized I forgot about some other fun San Clemente memories. That same Saturday, before the beach, the kids enjoyed a fun game of "find the golf balls!" Grandpa Banks pretty much lives right above a golf course...which means it's a perfect place to find stray golf balls. A whole stash of golf balls were found previously and hidden in the bushes in Grandpa's backyard. It was just like an Easter egg hunt...but without Easter...or the eggs for that matter...but you get the idea!

Clara, Karl, and Alli

Apparently Jason couldn't help himself from joining in on the hunt too...

April, Emily, Amy, Grandpa

The boys also got out the toy airplane to throw out over the green.

It actually turned out to be the perfect little spot to throw it would just keep soaring forever...coasting off the hill.

Another fun memory was going to the clubhouse for breakfast each morning. Grandpa has his routine each morning, which includes breakfast at the clubhouse. He would go there every morning with Patsy and they would have the same server. Her name was Melanie, and it was so sweet to be able to meet her. She has been serving them for about TWENTY YEARS now! she knows them pretty well to say the least.

Eating at the clubhouse

Next up: Valentine's Day (for reals this time)

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