Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here Comes the Queen

Right after New Years comes Camry's birthday (January 2nd). For whatever reason, Camry's birthday literally became CAMRY'S DAY for our whole family. For as long as I can remember sibling birthdays, there has always been a birthday dinner...and possibly a party if they wanted to throw one for their friends. I don't know if this is a new celebration strategy for 2010 (if so...I'm excited because my birthday comes soon), but morning to about 10:00 PM was spent in "worshiping" Camry! The day started off with a great breakfast. We had to come prepared with a game in Camry's honor...or at least something she would approve of. Jason and I brought Mario Kart for the Wii. Other games brought included Telestrations, Guess What Movie That Line is From (a game created by Kimberly), and obviously several other games.

The activity that took the cake was my Dad's brilliant idea for all of us to go to Barnes & Noble to help Camry pick out a book for her birthday. We were all given 15-20 minutes to browse the store for books that Camry might like. By the time we met up, each of us had around 3 books. Then we were supposed to explain our choices to Camry. Camry was not aloud to find her own book, but had to choose from the ones presented to her. Sounds like a neat idea...however, when you have 7 people with 3 or so books...that puts you around 21 books...and that puts you leaving the bookstore an hour or two later!

To Camry and my mom's credit, they did not intend all of the activities to take as long as they did. Plus, the day actually ended up being pretty fun! Love you Cam! Love you Fam!

(However, next year we really might need to consider
spending your birthday in Idaho again... ;) )


  1. Ha ha ha I love the title of this post! Sounds like a fun day!

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  3. Well that sounds pretty accurate: it was literally all day and pretty much the best! Thanks for coming!! :) it meant alot!
    (By the way, if I spend one more birthday in Idaho...)