Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finishing March in a Nutshell

So I had my first rock climbing experience. To say the least, I anticipated doing a lot better! We went with Mike and Kaitlyn Pacada, and (the now) Jon and Leigh Low. Jon and Leigh had membership passes to The Quarry in Provo and so we were able to get discounts to go with them. Jason, Mike, Jon....everyone for that matter...did awesome. I did one climb...and that was about all my fingers could handle at that point (I didn't even make it all the way to the top...ah so shameful). I definitely am looking forward to returning to the rock wall with a vengeance! At least we were able to get Spoon It Up afterward :)


Jon in the maroon

Sadly no pictures of the girls...  

Another fun day (ironically also spent with Mike and Kate) was celebrating the famous Hari Krishna "Festival of Colors!" I'm not sure it is really worth all of the hype, but it definitely had an exciting element to it. Neither Jason nor I had been before, so we were really looking forward to it this time. We were among the mass of people who were dumb enough to take the school bus to and from the Hindu Temple. That's a fine route to take if you enjoy being stuffed into a crowded school bus and sitting for an hour in traffic...while people are passing you on the street by foot. Upon our eventual arrival, it was just our luck that they decided to start the chalk throwing ten minutes early. They were counting down just as we were walking around the corner...so we missed it!!! But, to our defense, it was quite a sight to see it from the outside (rather than being blinded and choked amongst the chalk dust).  

No, that is not a huge nose bleed...some idiot threw chalk right into my face!

Jaleah and I found each other! Strictly by luck!

A final March memory of note was night skiing with my cousins Paul, Mark, Danny, and Jason at Sundance. The snow was literally ice and there were a million people there...not the best of conditions...but it was still a blast and well worth the price!

Paul, me, Jason, Mark, and Danny


  1. Wow you're almost caught up! What were you guys thinking wearing white to the Krishna thing?! Looks like you had fun!

  2. Sounds like a fun month! I have never been to the color festival either, but we did get caught in the traffic because of it! And Court, of course you wear white lol...otherwise it's harder to see all the colored chalk you're covered in!

  3. it is a nosebleed emily just admit it.

  4. Hooray for catching up--you're almost there! March looks like fun :-)