Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slowly getting around to April

So obviously the first weekend in April was pretty big, with it being Easter and General Conference and all. That Friday night, Jason and I got a chance to "play house" I guess you could say. Max and April needed some babysitters for the evening so they could go celebrate April's birthday, and Jason and I were the ones for the job. We were let off SO easy though, since the kids had already been fed and Mya was already down to sleep. Alex, of course, is no sweat since he is extremely smart and usually very obedient. He patiently waited while Jason and I ate our dinner, showed us a few toys, and then asked for a bed time story (but not one read from a book: Alex's rule for the night). The rest of the evening was spent relaxing on the couch. Geez, parenting is a piece of cake ;)

Saturday afternoon we went up to Alpine to join the Grubers in watching Conference. During Priesthood Session, Nancy and I went to Deseret Book...where, apparently, all sisters of Zion meet up to enjoy refreshments and free giveaways. I was completely shocked to see how many women attend the event; it was definitely a fun atmosphere and the brownies were great! Nancy and I walked away with a cute stationary set, and Nancy actually won one of the drawings and got a nice Easter book. Hooray for Priesthood Session!

Jason and I stayed the night in Alpine and woke up to a deliciously sweet breakfast (thanks to Karl)! The rest of the day was spent enjoying a wonderful and uplifting Conference and celebrating April's birthday.


Oh how I love the holidays!


  1. Fun! Yeah, I went to Desert book one year during Priesthood too, and it was INSANE! Ha ha...needless to say I haven't found the desire to go back, but that is cool that you guys won some free stuff..that might have made it better lol!

  2. So my mom and I definitely stopped by Deseret Book during Priesthood to take advantage of the 20% off deal. I'm bummed I didn't run into you there!