Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

So...growing up, I used to play a game called Age of Empires with my family. Yes, it is "one of those computer games." I'm no gamer....unless it comes to that game. My brother and I used to call it Book of Mormon Wars, just so my mom would let us play it on Sundays or for Family Night!

Anyways, the last Friday night in February, Tyson, my dad, the Phillips boys (my cousins), and I got together for a reminiscent game night! There were about eight of us playing at one time. And we played late into the night. I hadn't played for about...8 years? give or take? So I got slaughtered, to say the least. But it did start a fire, much to Jason's dismay...I've been guilty of "practicing" over the last couple months.

The next day was also a stroll down memory lane...I went with Amy, Camry, and Kimberly to Nordic Valley for another day of skiing. My family used to make frequent visits to Wolf Creek (a resort in Eden) where we had a timeshare with World Mark. Growing up, Amy came with my family several times to stay with us. Near the resort, there is a TINY ski resort and tubing run. We went there a couple times to ski and to ride on the tubes (one time meaning a dislocated shoulder for my dad). Amy and I had completely forgotten about the resort, until recently, when we were searching for a cheap place to ski. After some confusion on my part (Wolf Creek and Midway are the same thing, right?) we finally made it there that Saturday. It may be a small resort, but it's the perfect place for beginning skiers like us...

...and beautiful view of the valley!

You can tell by these pictures that we have some serious skills...ha!

Camry, myself, and Kimberly

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  1. Such fun snowboarding pictures! And the header picture looks amazing! Hooray for graduating!