Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It all began a cold winter evening. Jason and I arrived in Draper after work to begin the celebratory Arbon Christmas! No snow was to be found, but we did not let that get us down as we prepared for the epic battle scheduled for that evening. That is right, we began our Holiday with an Age of Empires game night. Thanks to the months of comprehensive planning by Bryan, we were all gathered to participate. We had seven computers hooked up to the same network in the basement and surrounded ourselves with endless treats, candy, and egg nog. The only one MIA was Kimberly (she was too cool with all of her ugly sweater parties), We broke up into two teams and played two games that lasted about two hours each. We were up until the wee hour of 2:30 AM. This was Jason’s first real exposure to Age of Empires. I was quite excited to get him hooked...and it worked! He’s played on his own several times sense. Welcome to the Arbon nerdy side!

Friday was spent doing last minute shopping, and Jason and I met up with the Gruber clan to welcome Grandpa Banks and Uncle Alan to Utah. They flew in from California to spend Christmas with George, Nancy, and Karl. We met them for lunch on their way back from the airport at The Little America cafe in Salt Lake. We also got a chance to spill the beans to them about the little bean growing inside of me. They were so excited and thrilled, as any family member would be. Of course, Uncle Alan has a way of taking the volume to the next level.

Thanks to Bryan’s “efficient” chore chart, Jason and I prepared dinner that night for the family. Delicious french bread pizzas! We ended the night watching a PG-13 movie (now that Bryan is officially 13). We watched Forrest Gump...I had never seen it all the way through. Loved it! But quite a movie to see as your first PG-13, ha!

Bryan's chore charts

Playing Ticket To Ride after that game! Thanks to the Spencer Family for their great Christmas gift!

Saturday, aka Christmas Eve. Wake up to a wonderful breakfast and head to the Riverton hospital to deliver our “Christmas Blanket”. We tie a blanket each year to give to someone who could use a little Christmas cheer (typically we visit someone in the hospital or rest home). My favorite quote from the 75 year old woman in the hospital bed, “Inside, I feel like I’m 16. Every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror I think it must be Halloween!” She was hilarious. Such a cute old lady with an amazing attitude.

Next on the Christmas Eve agenda is movie time at The District! This year we saw Arthur Christmas...a cute holiday film.

Next stop: Grandma and Grandpa Arbon’s house. As tradition, we have a fun family get together Christmas Eve, including a dinner, some sort of musical program, and the nativity story. As everyone has gotten older, no nativity play is performed anymore. The reading of Luke 2 seems to suffice. No chimes this year, thank goodness! Instead we did infamous white-elephant exchange. Always eventful. I ended off with who knows what, but I exchanged for some fluffy socks! Just my kind of prize!

Once we get home, it is really time to get excited! Pajama Time baby! Every Christmas Eve we get to open our new Christmas pajamas, take loads and loads of pictures, drink egg nog, and sing Christmas carols. This year was especially exciting because Jason and I announced to my siblings that we were expecting a baby. We gave each of them a cute card (made through the website of my new job, Pixingo...which is awesome, by the way!). Everyone was so excited and shocked (or at least acted surprised). It was so exciting to be able to finally share it with my whole family. We also sent the same cards to Jason’s brothers and sisters to open that weekend. It was very difficult to keep it a secret, so we were relieved when the day finally came.

Our Announcement:



Christmas came at 6:00 AM, as it does each year. After the traditional Jesus Box opening and reading, we rushed down the stairs to find that Santa had wrapped his gifts this year. An Arbon first! Not sure how I feel about it long-term, but it was a fun switch up. One thing is for sure, I got to know a lot more about everyone else’s gifts than I ever have in the past.

Mine and Jason's Santa Pile

Bryan's Santa Pile

Tyson's Santa Pile

Kimberly's Santa Pile

Camry's Santa Pile

And all the gifts under the tree

Waking up Mom and Dad

With Santa’s gifts being wrapped, and Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, we were opening presents until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon! That has to be an Arbon record! While all gifts received are loved and appreciated, some that I received that stick out in my mind are the electric toothbrush (love), new and improved straightener, ski day with family, date day with Mom, boots, camping chairs, and the beginnings of a Christmas movie collection. Jason also got an electric toothbrush, a camping chair, and a ski day, but I know one of his favorite items was the remote control helicopter. All of the boys on the Gruber side have one, so it was only fitting that Jason had his own. He loves flying that thing!

Christmas Dinner

Long day of presents

Didn't think it was possible, but we finished the Christmas puzzle the day after Christmas...we had a lot of work to do!

Another Arbon Christmas has come and gone! I'm already looking forward to the next one!

After returning to the Grubers, we still got to spend some time with Grandpa Banks and Uncle Alan. Alan was given a Shocker Game that he was very anxious to show us. Hilarious! The purpose of the game: Don't be the last one to press the button when the music stops, or else you'll get shocked!

The Englands visit the Grubers

So great to see them!

Ah! Isn't Christmas just the best time of year! Presents, food, family...nothing better!

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  1. What a fun Christmas! You guys sure have a lot of fun traditions! I love your announcement- crazy that baby Gruber is only 2 months from making his debut! Love all the pictures and updates :)