Monday, April 2, 2012

Leading Up To Christmas

I always love the Christmas Season! It is definitely my favorite time of year. Jason and I had many fun events and activities to get into the the Holiday Spirit:

1. Midway Get-Away

Following suit with last year, we were able to make it to the condos in Midway at the beginning of December. Midway in December is especially fun because of the cute Christmas festivals, Creche, and gingerbread displays. This year, the Creche was displayed at the Homestead and it did not disappoint.

Tons and tons of beautiful and unique nativities

They even had live music!

2. Emily's Arizona Business Trip

Not related to the Holiday Season, but one big event was my two-day trip to Phoenix, Arizona. Pixingo flew me to Arizona to see the printing and production facilities, as well as to received some hands-on training. I was very excited, but also very nervous because I did not know if I would be feeling nauseous (I was especially afraid of getting back on an airplane after my last flight from Hawaii). Thanks to many prayers and some great hosts, I felt great for the trip and it went without a hitch.

3. Bryan Turns 13!

Bryan officially became a teenager! Finally, we can watch PG-13 movies together as a family!

Dinner at Cafe Rio

Bryan graciously invited the family to partake of our free Earth Fruits Yogurt coupons.
(Sadly, I was informed they have since gone out of will be missed, Earth Fruits!)

4. Date Night with Kerstin, Alisha, and Husbands

Kerstin made a delicous turkey dinner! We were spoiled!

5. Christmas Season Traditions

Jason and I had a blast continuing some of our own Christmas traditions. We watched most of the classic Christmas movies throughout the month, made a candy countdown chain for us and for his parents, and surprised Nancy and George with the Secret Santa 12 Days of Christmas (last year, Jason did it for me, and this year we thought it would be a fun idea to do it for Nancy and George since they were so kind in letting us live with them). We were able to keep it a secret for a few nights, until the gifts became more and more obvious that we were the givers. Secret or not, we had lots of fun and they were very gracious.

Making and hanging the candy countdown chain...while watching Christmas Classics

6. Alex, Mya, and Elsa Come To Stay

The Gruber children came to stay with us for the weekend while Max and April celebrated their anniversary. They are very "busy" children, but always a delight!

Elsa is so darn cute in her helmet...She will be getting if off any day now, and I will surely miss it!

Alex helping Jason with his jig-making

Picking up sand for the Christmas luminaries

All ready for church

Max and April return for a yummy Christmas dinner and present exchange

Opening presents with George and Nancy the night before we left for Christmas weekend with the Arbons:

Opening our camping chairs! Such a perfect and thoughtful gift!

Next up...Christmas weekend!

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