Thursday, April 12, 2012

January - Celebrating Birth!

Apparently, January was the month of celebrating birth!

January 2nd - Camry's 21st Birthday

Since introducing my family to Ticket To Ride, they bought their own game. Whenever we come to visit, we are asked to bring our board game as well so we can have a Ticket to Ride tournament!

Welcome to true adult-hood Camry!

January 12th - Our first ultrasound of Baby Gruber!

January 12th was quite an exciting day for Jason and I. It was our first chance to glimpse at our growing baby, find out if "it" was healthy, and find out if "it" was a boy or a girl. We could not have been more excited to find out that we were having a healthy baby boy!

Hard to see...but the small arrow is pointing to the "boy indicator".

The doctor first broke the news to us by saying, "Uh oh, it looks like it has three legs....a right, a left, and a wiener." 

We didn't get any other still shots of the ultrasound because we were given a DVD of the session. What a fun and special treat to have that ultrasound in movie form!

Announcing to George and Nancy our "baby boy" news, while tending the Hadleys

Belly shots from around that time:

January 14th - Jason's 26th Birthday

We began Jason's birthday with a family breakfast party. Cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, fruit, orange juice...the works. Jason's Forstall cousins were in town, so they got to join in too!

Later that day, I treated Jason by taking him out to Tucanos! Tucanos was definitely on-point that night! So good!!!!

We were overly stuffed by the end! I was thrilled that I was able to eat lots and enjoy the different foods. No nausea that night! 

Celebrating with the Arbons:

Baby Showers: Mandy and Megan

I attended two baby showers towards the end of the month, one for Mandy and one for Megan...both expecting girls. I must say, girl babies are very fun to shop for. 

Mandy's shower at Olive Garden

Megan's shower

Finally, at the end of January, Jason and I found an apartment. We had been living with the Grubers since mid-August, and we knew it was time to move on. The apartment we found was a two bedroom town-home style apartment in Pleasant Grove. While the outside was very old, and honestly scary looking, the inside was all completely remodeled. The monthly price was right and we loved the work done on the inside, so we jumped on the deal. More on this to come later.

Moving out!

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