Wednesday, March 28, 2012

November - Thanksgiving Weekend

Based on my previous post, you all know the general idea of how I spent my November; however, there were a few moments that definitely brought happiness.

Thanksgiving this year was spent with the Grubers, and that always means a great time with amazing food. Sadly, the Spencers and Tuttles could not join us this year, but we still had a great celebration with the rest of the Gruber clan.

The day before Thanksgiving:

 Preparing the stuffing while also working from home...such a multi-tasker

We were able to meet up with my family for our "now-traditional" Pie Night:

Lots of yummy pies!

Thanksgiving Day:

We were in charge of the veggie platter and mashed potatoes.

I love Alex holding the carving knife....hilarious!

It wouldn't be a Gruber holiday without some sort of rocket launching

Pie Time!

Check out all of the deer that were in their back yard!

That weekend, my family was in for a special treat. My mom had been practicing and preparing for months for the "Gloria" Concert by Lex de Azevedo (she even had to audition to be part of the choir). My family has grown up listening to that music around Christmas time; so naturally, I love it! The concert was amazing! The perfect way to bring in the Holiday Season. Great job, Mom!

At the Tabernacle

Me and Aunt Erin

Waiting for the concert to begin

It was also the weekend that the Lights on Temple Square turned out...a double treat!

The Arbon girls

The Fam

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