Monday, March 5, 2012

The Final Chapter of Vivint

I know many were shocked when I put in my two weeks at Vivint. Vivint has not failed to provide me with an impressive number of perks, including gourmet lunches each day, an iPad, awesome parties, and free ski passes (just to name a few). And I will always be grateful to them for those things. I have also LOVED the majority people I have had the pleasure of working with there. There were definitely some great times.

For a long time, I had feelings of dissatisfaction. As I said, I loved the people and friends I had there, and that is really what had kept me there for so long. I was there for three and a half years, beginning just as a job to get me through college. I stayed for almost two years after graduating. The bottom line was I just really did not like my job. There were recent changes and challenges in my department that definitely escalated those feelings and brought me to end it sooner; but overall, I had known for a long time that I did not like what I did...and I realized I didn't have to stay. There were so many more opportunities out there for me, and I didn't want to finish my working career in Customer Marketing at Vivint. It is astonishing that I even ended up there in the first place. I worked hard and excelled among my peers, but I still didn't feel that it played at my strengths.

The last couple months were especially trying: my boss was fired, replaced with another that was difficult to work with at times, our department went from thinking we were killing every goal and challenge that was placed before us to being informed that we weren't actually making the company money, I had to demote both of my team leads, we had to rework our pay structure to get paid less for doing more work, I had to fire a handful of reps who were told they were going to be given two months to get their numbers to where they needed to be...I swear everyday brought a new and equally depressing challenge and task that had to be completed. Overall, it was a very difficult and emotional time.

As soon as I decided it was time to put in my two weeks notice, I became excited by the prospect of what could be out there for me. Of course, ideally, one would have work already lined up before quitting...but I knew I would never really look and apply unless forced to without a current job. My plan became looking into teaching. Without a teaching license and without real teaching experience, I figured my best plan of action would be trying substitute teaching to see if that is something I would like to pursue. This, of course, would come after a two-week vacation to Hawaii with Jason! (More on that to come)

My team in Customer Marketing made my last day of work very special! They not only decorated my desk, but they also threw me a party including two frosted cookie-cakes, two Magleby's chocolate cakes, and many other sweets and goodies! My mother-in-law even surprised me on my way out to work with a delicious mini-chocolate bundt cake. I was showered with sweet words, letters, notes, and emails. I had two vases of flowers delivered to my desk. To say the least, I felt extremely loved and knew I would miss my co-workers dearly.

My decorated desk in the morning

After cleaning my desk and leaving Vivint for good!

Vivint will always hold a special place in my heart. I learned lots about leadership, management, and being a great employee and person (among many other things).

My leave ended up being very timely, as a week and a half after my last day, the Customer Marketing Department was eliminated and all members were let go.

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