Friday, March 23, 2012


Monday, October 24
Surfing at V-Land
Lunch at Foodland on North Shore
Swimming at Waimae
Polynesian Cultural Center and Night Show

The waves were really big this day, so their surfing spot was SO crowded!

Checking out the HUGE waves at Waimae:

Love the close-up of his face:

The waves were seriously huge! Kaitlyn and I ventured out for a few minutes...but felt death was on the horizon with each new set of waves, so we kept it short and sweet.

Polynesian Cultural Center:

It was really fun to spend a few hours at the PCC! Jason, Kaitlyn, and I had all worked there at some point while attending BYU-H.
I have to give a special shout out and thank you to my Aunt Erin! She is the one who hooked us up with the sweet tickets to the PPC, a delicious buffet, and the Night Show!
Thank You Thank You!
This was truthfully the icing on the cake!

Delicous and beautiful buffet!

Night Show:

Tuesday, October 25
Emily meets morning sickness
Surfing at V-Land
Kaitlyn has phone interviews
Kaitlyn delivers Seasider sandwiches to the beach
Surfing at Gas Chambers
Dinner at Haleiwa Eats
Evening at home

Ducking low!

Haleiwa Eats
Seriously such good food! Our favorite!

Wednesday, October 26 - The Last Day
Surfing at V-Land (one last time)
Swimming/Paddle Boarding/Cliff Jumping at Waimea
Touring Honolulu
Dinner at Cheesecake Factory
Drop-off at Airport

Waimea - with no waves:




Such a work out!
I actually paddled a little too far out, got exhausted, and didn't think I would make it back in!



This is hilarious of Mike!

Dashing up the rock for cliff jumping


Jason and Mike

I was fascinated with these trees! Can't remember what they are called, but they were all over the place near Mike and Kait's. I thought, for sure, people would purposely strip them to show more of its color...I got laughted at for that idea...hence the picture.

Cheesecake Factory - Another favorite!

Jason and I are so blessed to have such amazing friends in our lives. We were truly spoiled by Mike and Kaitlyn on this trip. They were such awesome hosts and really made it a dream vacation! I'm shocked looking back and remembering all we were able to do. We couldn't have asked for better. Thanks Mike and Kaitlyn for inviting us to visit you! We will never forget this trip and the memories we made there!

Goodbye Hawaii! Until next time...Mahalo!


  1. Emily!!! I loved going through all the Hawaii trip posts. Awesome job! What gorgeous shots. I can't believe how happy you look in all the pictures considering how sick you felt! :(

  2. This was SOOO much fun! We were so glad to have you guys out... I'm dying looking back at these pictures. We did so much stuff. It is so beautiful there. We have to all go back again sometime. Miss you guys!!