Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Tuesday, October 18
Mike and Kaitlyn have work
Snorkeling at Sharks Cove
Lunch at Ted's Bakery
Surfing at Pupukea
Beach at Waimea
Shopping at Walmart
Dinner of Top Ramen at home
Play cards

With Mike and Kait both at work, Jason and I took the opportunity to take our own adventure. We decided to do some snorkeling at Sharks Cove, lunch at Ted's, surfing at Pupukea, and beach time at Waimea:

This is how I feel about the salt water...

Step up!

Love the Chocolate Haupia Pie!

Awesome wipe out shot!

Wednesday, October 19
Swap Meet
Lunch at home
Surfing and paddle boarding at Goats
Dinner at Pizza Hut
Bonfire/Camping at Castles

Swap Meet:

Shopping for items to send back to my Uncle Doug who owns a Hawaiian gift shop in California

Surfing/Paddle Boarding at Goats:

Kaitlyn and I had quite the adventure paddle boarding out and filming the boys surfing. We were charging the waves and braving the elements. Such a fun adrenaline rush!

Where it all began...back in 2007!

Jason and I, passing the time, waiting for Mike and Kait to join us at the campsite:

Let the bonfire begin!
We stole wooden crates from the back of Foodland to help feed the fire...such criminals!

Gotta love s'mores on the beach!

Setting up camp

In all honesty, sleeping was terribly uncomfortable! All we had was a tarp, towels, and pillows. Sleeping was really hard on the unforgiving sand! I was relieved to wake up to this beautiful sunrise:

View from our "camping bed"

Our campsite

Morning Sunshine!

Thursday, October 20
Breakfast at Hukilau Cafe
Visit BYU-H Campus
Surfing at V-Land
Bring Kaitlyn home for work
Lunch at home
Dole Plantation
Surfing/Paddle Boarding at V-Land
Pie at Ted's Bakery

Got to have my banana pancakes!

My old apartment

The old stomping grounds!

Reliving the glory days!

Mike and Jason's old dorm room


This dog has the life!

...we were definitely looking forward to sleeping in our nice beds that night!

...more to come...


  1. haha I remember that apartment!! Good times. What I wouldn't give to go there again.

  2. Ha! That was crazy when we paddled out at Goat's. We thought we could surf back in until we got completely thrown. Good thing you held onto the paddle.

    Best camping ever!