Tuesday, April 23, 2013

March: The Month of Dates Part II

Back to the summary of “dates” in the month of March.

We had a fun date night with our friends Zach and Kaari...and who can forget their precious little girl, Georgia. She is just five months old. So sweet! Normally, we would go out to eat or get some pizza with the Wingers, but this time, Kaari had the great idea of cooking-in that night. She gathered a bunch of fun recipes off of Pinterest, and put our cooking skills to the test. Dinner turned out to be amazing! Much better food than going out to eat when considering the cost! We made lemon garlic shrimp, coconut shrimp, creamy orzo pasta, and balsamic vegetables. After dinner, we watched Life of Pi. Zach and I were the only ones that had seen it, so we were excited to show it to Jason and Kaari. They loved it as well. After the movie Kaari made us some delicious green smoothies with her Vita-Mix. She has that smoothie down to a tee! Tastes just like something from Jamba Juice. Yum!

The next week, the Spencer Family came to Utah for their annual ski trip with Sean’s side of the family. This year, that meant Duke was left with George and Nancy. Duke and Charlie are about nine months apart, so we thought this would be a good time to let them get to know each other better. I think there were three days that week that Charlie and I went to visit and play. Turns out, Capri wasn’t really into the whole skiing thing, so they ended up bringing her to Alpine as well after a day or two. On Saturday, we joined George, Nancy, Capri, Duke, and Karl for the opening of Trellis Cafe at Thanksgiving Point. Nancy is basically a VIP there...she is probably their number one customer! After the ski weekend was over, Alli stayed a few more days to spend time with the Gruber side. We met up with them, and April, Mya, and Elsa at their house for a little cousin play time, and then had lunch at the nearby Arctic Circle. The kids loved the play place and the courtesy cones. 

Nancy and Duke

At Trellis Cafe

Enjoying the sunshine! Charlie wasn't sure how he felt about the pokey grass...

Luckily, the week that Duke came to stay, it was pretty nice weather. One day that week, Charlie and I met up with Alisha and Logan for a fun walk in the park at Discovery Park. I am really loving this phase of motherhood. Life is good!

Charlie is really into touching babies' faces lately

Also, that weekend was the opening night of The Host. Jason and I had both read the book and really enjoyed it...so we were excited for the movie to come out. My Aunt Erin had also read the book in time for the movie, and so she invited us to go with her and her son, Dylan. I was really happy with how they did the movie! I really liked it. The only thing I wish was different, was when I was reading the books, I really liked the character, Ian...and had more of a connection with him, not Jared. But in the movie, Jared was more of the heart throb...and Ian was...basically...ugly...! Yeah, I am pretty rude and shallow. But that is my honest feedback. Oh and also, when I saw the previews for the movie, I was not excited about the girl they chose for the main girl...but she ended up doing a good job. While Jason and I were at the movie, Charlie was at home being tended by Aunt Camry and Uncle Bryan.

Another date was with my cousin, Paul, and his wife and daughter, Mandy and Lily. We met up at the Brick Oven. Love that place! It is basically a Phillips tradition...and it seems like whenever we see them, we always eat there. Hey, I’m not complaining one bit! After dinner, we went back to their house in Provo while Mandy finished up a little birthday project for me. I had asked her/hired her to embroider a hoop for me to give as a gift to my friend, Amy. I gave her a quote that Amy loves, and she designed and stitched the hoop. It turned out so beautiful and absolutely perfect! I love it! I was a little jealous to have to give it away at that point. I think it is such a great idea and such an awesome niche that she has. She sells her hoops on Etsy and can be found here

Picture from Mandy's shop

And last but not least (and not a date), we gave into the warm weather and planted a few things in our little gardening pots. We haven’t done the garden yet, we are waiting for the random snow storms and freezing night temperatures to go away. But we did plant some basil, cilantro, and forget-me-nots. We have already started to see some growth! How exciting!

Apparently, I still need to make a sign for the forget-me-nots..but it's kind of a long name...


  1. You guys are so fun going on dates all the time! The pic of Charlie touching the other baby's face is so funny! I read "The Host" and really like it too! I have been wanting to see the movie, I'm just waiting for it to come to redbox!

  2. Cute idea to plant things! I should do some basil... But it would most likely die in my care. I hate plants and can't seem to take care of them...