Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kim is Called to Serve

My little sister, Kimberly, got her mission call! We were all shocked to find out last October that Kimberly had any desire to serve a mission. She will be turning 19 in June. Pretty much all of her friends (boys and girls) are serving missions. I can’t tell you how many farewells she has been to in the last several months. Sometimes multiple in one day! Her call came on April 17th, and she wanted to have a small, family-only “opening”. We met up at the church building by the UVU institute that night so Tyson could come during his dinner break. We all made our guesses as to where we thought she would be called. Jason and I were really convinced that if she served state-side, she would be called somewhere in the south. We can just really imagine her fitting right into the southern culture; southern bell and southern accent and all. Our inklings were correct! She was called to the Atlanta, Georgia North mission! We could not be more excited for her (and my mom couldn’t be more relieved)! She leaves August 21st! Look out, Georgia....Here she comes!

As the excitement continued, we enjoyed some sack-dinners that my mom had prepared.

Kimberly, we are so excited for you and could not be more proud of your decision to serve. You are going to be an amazing missionary!

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