Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrating Amy

I was so excited for Amy’s birthday this year...because she was finally home for us to celebrate it! The previous two years, she had been away on her mission. The weekend before her birthday, we got to enjoy a fun day of free skiing at Deer Valley. Technically, this wasn’t a birthday activity...she was given the free ski tickets from her boss and she asked me to join her...but it was close enough to the big day, that it felt like a celebration.

Oh my gosh, I have to say I was really impressed with that resort. I LOVED it! It was lightly snowing (too bad Amy didn't have any goggles) and cloudy the whole day...but it was perfect for us! The snow was maybe a little icy in some parts, but what can you expect the last weekend of the season? I’ve always been a little skeptical with the high-price of the resort, but there was definitely a different feel there. The workers were nothing like your typical snow bums you would get at Brighton Resort. All of the lifts were well-maintained and comfortable (no worrying about your life being on the line as you ride up the mountain). Not to mention the number of runs....SOOOO many! The runs were SO fun! Especially for beginner skiers like us (yes, I skied since the resort does not allow snowboards). Each new lift brought a new favorite run. Too bad I had to make it home for something in the early afternoon, otherwise we would have stayed until nightfall. I’m telling you, I loved it there! I hope she gets some frees passes next year...because that is the only way I will get to ski there again. Regardless of how much I loved it, $100 is still too much to pay for a single day of skiing.

Being silly:

To officially celebrate her birthday, I took her to The Five Alls. I went there for my Junior Prom, and then took Jason there for his birthday a couple years ago. I was anxious to share it with Amy, because I knew it would be right down her ally. Because of the expense, we decided it would be a double birthday (celebrating both of our birthdays, each paying for the other). The Five Alls never fails. It was just as delicious as I remembered. The menu hasn’t changed...I got the same main course: New York Steak. Yum! Always a good time and a full belly!

Love celebrating favorite friends!
Happy Birthday, Amy!

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