Monday, June 24, 2013

Girls Week: Colorado Part II

Well, Day 1 of Girls Days was packed with things...and Day 2 wasn’t any different:

Friday, May 3rd: Happy 26th Birthday Emily
Birthday Breakfast
9:00 AM - Denver Temple
Lunch - Emily’s Choice
Home to change
1:15 PM - Pedicures at Tip to Toe Nails
3:45 PM - Iron Man 3
6:45 PM - Dinner - Emily’s Choice
Home for Cake and Ice Cream

It was my birthday and I truly got spoiled!! I told her I didn’t want a big deal to be made of it...but as you can, she disobeyed my wishes. It was a perfect day, filled with things I love! After I got ready and all dressed up for the temple, I walked into the kitchen where I was surprised with a delicious birthday breakfast! They had made eggs, bacon, toast, and smoothies. Just what I love! They also surprised me with gifts: they paid for all of the activities that day, including meals, AND they gave me a bag of some of my favorite treats and snacks, AND they gave me a gift card to a shop we were going to later that day - Charming Charlie! Wow!

Even the Tuttle kids helped make breakfast! Thanks guys!

The Denver Temple was beautiful and the endowment session was peaceful, as always.

We asked a random guy walking up to the temple to take a picture of us right in front....which he did, but we were shocked when instead of saying “Say Cheese”, he said “Say Bikini”! Such a random thing to say at the temple, right? It made us raise our eyebrows afterwards and laugh... “did he really just say bikini?”

For lunch, I got to pick the spot. I ended up choosing a Mediterranean Grill called Saja’s. That just sounded really good to me. And I’m glad I did! It was so delicious! It inspired me to make my own gyros when I got home the next week.

After changing at home, we headed to our pedicures. We went to Tip to Toe and we all had mixed feelings about the place. The massage chairs they had were great! The workers were all very nice. However, half of the ladies did the pedicures so fast that it only took us twenty minutes! A good pedicure will last closer to 45, you know they’re rushing and not doing as good of a job if they can do it in less than half the time. To top it off, they didn’t put a topcoat on over the color. We asked them about it, and they said they did...but several of us took notice, specifically, that they didn’t put a clear coat on top. Oh dear..sometimes the communication barrier can be difficult. I’m pretty easy to honestly, I didn’t mind too much. I was just thrilled to be getting a pedicure. But if you’re in the area, I would recommend stopping somewhere else.

Alli may be enjoying the awesome chair a little too much :)

After our pedicures, we took our cute little toes over to some outlets for some shopping! First we stopped at Charming Charlie...where I was forced to use my birthday gift card. It was such a cute store filled with tables and tables of jewelry and accessories. They said they will be getting one at City Creek in Utah. Sweet! They really have a smart layout...they have all of the jewelry organized by color. Really makes it easy to find what you are looking for. I walked away with some great finds (and even more than I Allison surprised me by sharing two of the earrings in a three pack that she bought that I had been nice?!?)! I pretty much wore my new jewelry everyday for the next two weeks. After Charming Charlie, we went next door to Old Navy. I had some Super Cash to use (love it when that happens), and a birthday discount (woohoo), so I got some cute nude wedges. I had been looking for some, and these were the perfect mix of cute and comfort. Amy got the same ones, but in navy blue. Great minds think alike!

After some serious shopping, it was time to head to the movie theater. It was the opening day of Iron Man 3! What a great idea, Amy! I love going to movies and I love Iron Man. We stuffed tons of snacks and treats in our purses to share. When we went to get some drinks, the girls were disappointed that they only carried Pepsi products....again! A continuing theme throughout all of Colorado! Where are your Coke products, Colorado? Seriously! Everywhere we Diet Coke, only Pepsi...and that was a problem for most of the girls (luckily I’m not a fan, so I had no problem with that). So some went across the street to a restaurant to hopefully find a Diet Coke “to go”. Their trip was successful, as the restaurant just gave them the cup of Diet Coke for FREE! Who does that? Pretty awesome!

This is how Nancy feels about the Pepsi monopoly!

The movie was really fun! It had its cheesy moments, of course, but overall it was a great movie! After the movie, we did a little more shopping at some toy and candy stores nearby. We saw some great toys and gifts to bring back to the kiddos. Thanks to a suggestion from Amy, I picked up a little red truck for Charlie, that he has loved ever since!

For dinner, I was feeling in the mood for some Mexican, and so we went to El Senor Sol Mexican. It did not disappoint! It was so yummy. I split a chimichanga with April and it was delicious. They even surprised me with a huge free birthday dessert...some fried tortillas with ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Yum!

Don't worry, I shared with the other girls...I swear!

It was time to head home. We were stuffed from dinner, but we had to make room for some birthday cake and ice cream. It was tasty too! Nancy passed out some gifts for us to take home for the grandkids (some cute clothes she had picked out). Another birthday surprise: Robby helped us light off a pink sky lantern. It was awesome! A great way to end a great day!

Thank you, girls, for an awesome birthday!

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