Sunday, June 16, 2013

April: Part II

We went to the Tulip Festival! This was a first for me (and Charlie of course). It sure pays off having a mother-in-law with a season pass. She invited me, Charlie, April, and the kids. Since she is a season pass holder, we got in at half price! But honestly, I would have paid full price. We went the last official weekend of the festival and it was gorgeous! The weather was perfect, actually maybe a little on the hot side...I ended up with a sunburned neck. I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the gardens and fantasized about living there and being able to soak in this beauty on a daily basis. I was really impressed with all of the things to do there. I can’t wait for Charlie to be old enough to enjoy what they have to offer. But for now, he was thrilled and taking it all in from his stroller. We were there for hours, and he was such a good little boy. He pushed on through his usual nap time without showing any signs of drowsiness. He couldn't get enough. It wasn't until after we had stopped for lunch and were enjoying our dessert that he decided that 2:30 without a nap was getting kind of late and he was ready to get out of the sun and into his blankey. What a great day and what a fun outing! 

My cousin, Mark, graduated with his Masters from BYU in Information Systems. Way to go, Mark! We are all very proud of you. To celebrate, his brother and sister-in-law hosted a fun family and friend BBQ in the backyard of their new home. The food was great, and after all of the friends left, some of the cousins remained for a fun evening around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and talking about the good old days. Congrats, Mark!

I had my Sunday birthday dinner a little early with my family this year (on my actual birthday, I was in Colorado for Girls Days...more to come on that later). The dinner included all sorts of yummy things like smoked pulled pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, no-knead bread, artichoke hearts, and more! After our yummy dinner, we went on a family bike ride. I was really excited about taking Charlie on his first bike ride...and he loved it! He wasn’t the only one who loved it...I LOVED it! It is one of those moments that you will remember forever and that is kind of hard to explain: the weather was the perfect temperature, the sun was descending in the sky, the neighborhoods were as beautiful as ever, Charlie was giggling with delight, and lining the sidewalks were trees and trees that were popping with gorgeous blossoms. I was really able to live and feel "in the moment". Appreciating what was around me. I really think that moving out and living on your own for a few years really makes you appreciate what you had when you were growing up. The beauty, simplicity, and comfort that you experience in your home neighborhood is taken for granted while you are young. You don’t realize how much you will truly miss it when you can no longer call it your “home”. The bike ride was one of those perfect moments in a perfect day. A vivid memory of feeling raw happiness...a memory I will cherish forever!

His make-shift did the job

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  1. Charlie is getting so big! I cant wait to meet him and see you guys again!!!